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Synonyms for avouch

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for avouch

admit openly and bluntly


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The custom is avouched by Iamblichus (Guthrie 73-74), and is mentioned in several Tudor accounts of Pythagoras, including Thomas Cooper's Thesaurs:
For English painting Ruskin remains the builder of his own system of values, being the only one who avouched the quality and the dimensions of Turner's genius at that time.
333) Meanwhile, dissent and resignations exhibited opposition and White House officials consistently avouched that an invasion would be only a contingent last resort to achieve disarmament.
The primary fear I hear expressed by these avouched Three Lions objectors is about having to cope with all the hype that would accompany an England World Cup win.
Not a European nation would have given up Cuba as we gave it up," he avouched (1954, 5:774-75).