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Synonyms for avouch

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for avouch

admit openly and bluntly


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upon a publike stage, in the sight of all the people; where all the beholders eyes are attentively bent to looke and pry in the least circumstance of their secretest drifts: Which should make Kings the more carefull not to harbour the secretest thought in their minde, but such as in the owne time they shall not be ashamed openly to avouch .
one of the Principal Nations in Europe for Piety and Learning; having formerly been so Holy, that it was term'd The Island of Saints, and for Learning so Eminent, as all their Chronicles make out, and some others who were not of that Nation, as Bede and Camden do avouch for them.
The proof offered by the "true avouch / Of [Horatio's] own
Frazier's final chapter ends with a "tableau" of Inman's reclining, shot and wounded, in Ada's lap and the author's characterization of it: "A scene of such quiet and peace that the observer on the ridge could avouch to it later in such a way as might lead those of glad temperaments to imagine some conceivable history where long decades of happy union stretched before the two on the ground" (353).
Not only does Horatio confirm the independent existence of the external object with "the sensible and true avouch of [his] own eyes"(I.
Then, he must avouch, Or follow, at the least, sufficiently, The form of faith his conscience holds the best, Whate'er the process of conviction was: For nothing can compensate his mistake On such a point, the man himself being judge: He cannot wed twice, nor twice lose his soul.