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It attaches great moral significance to the severe deprivations in our world being mostly due to a global institutional order that foreseeably and avoidably aggravates inequalities among persons worldwide.
But I can bypass such disagreements insofar as these conceptions agree that an economic order is unjust when it--like the systems of serfdom and forced labor prevailing in feudal Russia or France--foreseeably and avoidably gives rise to massive and severe human rights deficits.
SO the sun may sometimes have gone on a sulk for Scotland's big day, along with sundry celebrities who found themselves avoidably detained elsewhere.
One of the reasons I've gone to Africa a few times is that so many children die unnecessarily and avoidably.
On a second interpretation, the baseline is defined substantively: it involves the realization of certain distributive outcomes, namely those in which nobody falls avoidably below a minimal level of access to essential goods.
There are implications to be faced in our schools in particular and in thenation - the seeming 'anything goes' cultural values have been ravaging us all, avoidably, and dividing our communities.
Fortunately, Sean Connery sheemed to have been avoidably detained elsewhere after chastising us Caligulas - as the SNP's own propaganda sheet called us - for provoking him.
All of us are angry because this year six million people will die avoidably from tuberculosis, Aids, or malaria, most of them in Africa.
Pogge is also right to insist that we should not take current property rights for granted: no international system of distribution can be just when so many people avoidably die.
But all this cannot lessen the complaint of those who avoidably suffer and die against those who confine them to a life in grinding poverty.
He was told by Judge Henry Globe, QC: "A motorist has lost his life because your attention was avoidably distracted by the use of a mobile phone.
It is the prosecution case that it was dangerous because the defendant failed to take heed of a person crossing because he was avoidably distracted - he should have been concentrating on the road ahead of him.
We physicians serving the needs of California's vulnerable populations know how the lack of coverage for medical care can impede access, often with avoidably tragic consequences.
Ms Harkin, said: "Both today's rise in diabetes and an ageing Europe threaten to increase the numbers of avoidably vision-impaired and blind persons.