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Synonyms for avoidable



Synonyms for avoidable

capable of being avoided or warded off

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During Reducing Avoidable Medicaid ER Visits With a Community Partnership Approach, a 45-minute webinar, Laura Linebach, director of quality improvement at L.
World Sight Day is internationally recognized in raising the awareness of avoidable blindness, and international development programs that currently exist," said Dr.
Building on the great momentum, we pledged at the Clinton Global Initiative 2011 to raise USD100 million by 2020 to tackle avoidable blindness.
A report by CEMACH revealed that more than half of the deaths of children over the age of 28 days may have been avoidable or potentially avoidable.
All three of those drivers had had avoidable crashes.
announced that its CEO and co-founder Joanne Rohde will profile its award-winning care transitions solution and their role in reducing avoidable readmissions and increasing patient satisfaction scores at this week's National Medicare-Medicaid Payment Summit in Washington DC.
The campaign participants focused on improving their work in five key areas that, if not managed well, are known to be main contributors to avoidable hospital readmissions:
Among the potentially avoidable readmissions, the overall three most common reasons for readmission were infection, cancer and heart failure.
But Midlands campaigner Deborah Linster-Ali, whose son Jacob was stillborn in 2004, said: "A huge amount are avoidable.
Medical staff from Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital said the huge growth in the number of avoidable health complaints could lead to a generation dying before their parents.
Their model also predicts tragic crowd behavior known to cause avoidable deaths--groups tend to herd around one or a few exits to escape a fire while neglecting other open doors.
com/research/0ca42dcb/5_interventions_to) has announced the addition of the "5 Interventions to Reduce Avoidable ER Use by the Medicaid Population" report to their offering.
May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A broad-based coalition of hospitals and care providers working across the continuum of care has prevented 4,570 avoidable hospital readmissions between Jan.
Foreign Minister Bob Carr today announced that the Australian Government will provide funding to two Australian organisations to help tackle avoidable blindness in developing countries in the Asia Pacific.
He said colleagues in Galway had undertaken a study which found there were 20 avoidable deaths over the course of a year.