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We're able to use the avocational students -- the weekend warriors -- to help build our program internally with machines, space and courses, and that in turn, allows us to support vocational students at a higher level.
Jack Kallmeyer, an avocational fossil collector and longtime president of the Dry Dredgers (an association of amateur geologists and fossil collectors; www.
The improvisational exercises in this book will appeal to many in individual, school and studio settings--listeners, avocational musicians, students, composers, teachers and performers.
With cooking classes in more than 50 locations, Sur La Table operates the largest avocational cooking school nationwide.
Problematic social interactions have been linked to difficulty in family reintegration and educational, vocational, social, and avocational pursuits.
Impairment rating is the determinant most amenable to physician assessment; it must be further integrated with contextual information typically provided by nonphysician sources regarding psychological, social, vocational, and avocational issues.
What he describes is common following not only cardiovascular surgery, but also any type of major surgery or generalized illness, even athletic injury that impairs a vocational or an avocational pursuit/hobby.
Functional class in RA is divided into four categories based on the patients' ability to perform usual self-care, vocational, and avocational activities.
Together we will deliver clear, r tangible benefits for learners, employers, industry and communities by offering avocational v approach from entry level to post-doctoral research.
com)-- Language Systems International (LSI) announced today that the avocational private language school has been granted national accreditation by ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.
Avocational and personal satisfaction areas are measured through items with high reading levels and are reported on 10 scales: Mechanical, Natural, Aesthetic, Services, Clerical, Mercantile, Leadership, Literary, Scientific, and Creative.
Every bouncer in town waves him in, every bartender knows his drink, all the cocktail waitresses wink or--if they have an uncharitable opinion of him, which, Saranova concedes, is an avocational hazard--roll their eyes.
Discharge from cognitive-communication rehabilitation should be considered when the SM or veteran no longer requires the facilities, skills, and therapeutic intensity of SLP services to meet the cognitive-communication challenges of his or her social, vocational, and avocational goals.
Lawrence LeVick, an avocational archeologist, interpreted the mud ball as a rodent burrow remnant or something similar.