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Jack Kallmeyer, an avocational fossil collector and longtime president of the Dry Dredgers (an association of amateur geologists and fossil collectors; www.
Also called "crowdsourced science"--or, more formally, "public participation in scientific research"--citizen science is "the systematic collection and analysis of data; development of technology; testing of natural phenomena; and the dissemination of these activities by researchers on a primarily avocational basis," according to OpenScientist.
Belatedly, in 1985 the SAA initiated the [Don] Crabtree Award for contributions to American archaeology by an avocational.
Together we will deliver clear, r tangible benefits for learners, employers, industry and communities by offering avocational v approach from entry level to post-doctoral research.
com)-- Language Systems International (LSI) announced today that the avocational private language school has been granted national accreditation by ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.
If Semester Online is the opposite of MOOCs, Udemy is the opposite of academic courses from scholars, offering practical and avocational classes--although Udemy instructors may be "experts" in their fields.
Every bouncer in town waves him in, every bartender knows his drink, all the cocktail waitresses wink or--if they have an uncharitable opinion of him, which, Saranova concedes, is an avocational hazard--roll their eyes.
The boom in avocational research is in part a result of the current unparalleled access to original records via the internet, with on-line discussion groups also making the sharing of information and resources almost instantaneous.
The history of the American West has long attracted the interest and energy of avocational historians, who have often contributed information concerning details of significant events.
Demographic information, such as age, gender, employment history, educational history, volunteer experience, and avocational interests, was also collected.
Lawrence LeVick, an avocational archeologist, interpreted the mud ball as a rodent burrow remnant or something similar.
The first documented examples of horse bonnets illustrated in rock art (Figures 3,4) were three illustrations (two published and one unpublished) by Thomas Lewis, an avocational rock art scholar who recorded horses at Razor Creek (24YL578), Goffena Rockshelter (24ML408), and Horse House (24YL434) in the Yellowstone and Musselshell river drainages of central Montana (Lewis 1983, 1984, 1985, 1994).
In the 1970s avocational archaeologists made the initial discovery of Tibes and conducted some of the first archaeological investigations at the site.
AVocational Training Centre will be established in Kilinochchi with a capacity of providing facilities to 400 students, and