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La France ne voulait pas d'un gouvernement avocation islamiste dans la region, et a essaye d'y faire barrage[beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il dit.
I'm all for computerized scopes, since they're one of the few things attracting new blood into our avocation.
I am a physician by occupation, an artist by avocation.
Performance of works avocation at Improving the level of security of access to the ASP Building in Brussels.
Cox (mathematics, Amherst College, Massachusetts) admits that he is an algebraic geometer by training, and number theory is more of an avocation, so his treatment of the phenomenon may be somewhat unorthodox.
Before committing to academic, activist, or scholarly projects, Frances would always encourage Lesson #5: Think about occupation, avocation, and vocation.
More than just an avocation of the idea, this book provides the concrete, real-world tools needed to create replicable models to tackle distribution, transportation, energy costs and more.
The occupation of professional hunter and the avocation of sport hunter can both be very dangerous pursuits, and the Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) has long held the reputation of one of Africa's most dangerous and formidable trophy species.
This represents a marvelous opportunity for any wine enthusiast who wishes to create a rewarding and profitable career from an avocation.
Joel Ang, his vocation as a full-time family physician and his avocation as a violinist are irrevocably intertwined.
This drove me to make sure that I had a healthy mix of work and avocation and to make sure that I was more well rounded.
Irish scholar of horticulture O'Neill (1915-2008), and McLean (botany, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia) present a biography of Collinson (1694-1768), a London draper by trade but passionate gardener and naturalist by avocation.
The antithesis to a profession is an avocation based upon customary activities and modified by the trial and error of individual practice.
Grossman said that his brush with cancer also motivated him to take up another avocation.
Much of my life has been devoted to education--first as an avocation when I was in the corporate world, and now as a vocation as I begin my tenth year in consulting.