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science and technology of electronic systems and devices for aeronautics and astronautics

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Demand order repair of avionic electrical equipment, including accident data recorders and transducers.
The competence of ADS covers development and engineering within all areas of the Engineering Model(V-Model) of the aerospace industry, especially in the field of modern avionic systems of helicopters.
The ARINC 600 Series 30Q2, 13Q2 and 17Q2 interconnects are deal for many aerospace applications, including instrument landing systems, GPS landing systems, flight navigation systems, avionic common data network systems, integrated surveillance systems and backbone Ethernet network modules.
The MoU with Aircraft Electronic Engineering will lead to the establishment of a production site for electronic and avionic devices within the Al Ain Aerospace cluster, and the development of electronic and electrical solutions for avionic systems.
Lockheed Martin completed the first delivery of hardware for the F-35 joint strike fighter program with the installation of avionics test equipment at QM Systems in Worcester, England, and at Raytheon in McKinney, Texas.
Avionic has shared ideas with other local firms through investment centre's Improvement Action Network to reduce spending over a wide range of functions within the plant.
Electrical power engineers and technicians at the centre will develop some of the latest end-to-end power generation, distribution, load and avionic control technologies," said Lorraine Bolsinger, president and CEO of GE Aviation Systems.
While traditional avionic technicians are primarily deployed directly in aircraft maintenance and overhaul operations, the new profession is more geared toward the requirements of specialized workshops for maintaining the highest quality systems and components," says Barbara Koerner, Head of Central Training Management at Lufthansa Technik.
Pilots and copilots, sand is often the culprit for aircraft avionic problems because it gets into everything.
The DED is a message center for avionic communications, providing warning and annunciator functions.
Request for Proposal: Helicopter instrument panel refurbishment and avionic upgrade
As you low crawl through the maze in the transition area to perform checks or inspections on avionic radio and antenna cables in the tail cone, keep your feet on the work platform.
a leading provider of network solutions for Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SONET and FDDI, celebrated Lockheed Martin's decision to integrate APCON switches into their avionic testing procedures in order to quickly and effectively evaluate avionic systems that utilize Fibre Channel communication systems.
R & D Center Will Focus on Advanced Power Generation, Distribution, & Avionic Control Technologies for Military and Civil Aerospace
The AW169 s avionic suite introduces state-of-the-art technology including a full digital NVG compatible cockpit with three 8 x 10 large area displays (AMLCD) and touch screen technology with enhanced graphics capability for maximum situational awareness.