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Synonyms for avidity

the quality or condition of being voracious

excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves

Synonyms for avidity

a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something

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Our data also did not find any significant difference in FDG avidity between the ERCC1-positive and ERCC1-negative groups.
Women having recent infection were further analysed for anti-HCMV IgG avidity index by using a commercial micro-particle enzyme immunoassay (ARCHITECT CMV IgG Avidity assay) and those with low IgG avidity (less than 50%) indicated the primary CMV infection as per manufacturer's protocol.
Some authors suggest that an inflammatory process surrounding chronic bland thrombus is responsible for associated FDG avidity [1,2,5].
Ewart on song Aristo Du Plessis and Avidity led home a one-two for Langholm trainer James Ewart in a dramatic feature race at Ayr.
The album leans on a splendidly built dramaturgical arch, bringing to bear all the emotions and moods harboured in Janacek's Hukvaldy Song and Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs--the melancholia of unfulfilled love, the nostalgia for lost love, the desire for the love yet to be discovered, despair, avidity and other states of the mind and the body, which folk poetry is capable of expressing in allegory and in truth.
RajKamal is excited and elated to view his interview published in the official website of NASSCOM, another crowning achievement for him that emboldens his confidence and avidity mightily.
Avidity had the now 118-rated Titus Bolt eight lengths behind when landing that contest at Ayr and was value for further than the winning margin.
The second challenge to the security and stability of our region is represented by political avidity, and attempts to impose hegemony in disregard of the sovereignty of states and to interfere in their internal affairs.
Another method for distinguishing between recent and established HIV infections based on antibody avidity (affinity) was described in 2002.
The avidity of IgG in serum antibodies has become a very important diagnostic tool (Liesenfeld et al.
Jonathan Pyke, RBS; Tobias Haynes, Regulatory Legal Solicitors; Claire Darley, SGH Martineau; Christian Mulvihill, Gateley LLP; Des Burley, Avidity
Test for IgM for toxoplasma may give false positive results but for confirmation an additional assay is IgG avidity test is performed.
When reporting antibody titer results, it may also be important to determine the score or avidity of that antibody.