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Bozarth plans to refresh his aviating skills when he gets inside a cockpit this summer.
And if somebody tells me, "My head's stuck," as I'm cruising 300 feet above the forest, I might be inclined to stop watching television and start thinking about aviating.
Reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) and aviating ace Sky Captain (Jude Law) investigate the mysterious disappearance of the world's most famous scientists
Demand disciplined aviating and responsible decision making.
Model aircraft enthusiasts will be flying high over a weekend of aviating fun.
We salute commanders and aircrews alike for their refocused attention to detail and back-to-the-basics of aviating as we've flown, fought, and won.
It wasn't until passing through 25 degrees nose high, with airspeed rapidly dropping, that I focused on the priority task of aviating.