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Acquisition of radiation- and lithium chloride-induced conditioned taste aversions in anesthetized rats.
But, a change of the background contexts reduced this taste aversion, and returning to the original context reinstated the aversion.
Research has indicated that the disruption of conditioned taste aversion produced by CS preexposure (learned irrelevance or safety) is greater in weanling and young-adult rats than in aged rats (Misanin, Blatt, & Hinderliter, 1985).
As both groups of LiCI-injected animals failed to display a saccharin preference during the course of preference testing, it can be concluded that these aversions were rather long-lasting in nature.
A priori F-test comparisons indicated that aversions were formed for both groups at the 0-min delay, as the handled and nonhandled groups differed from the placebo controls at the 0-min interval, Fs(1, 52) [greater than or equal to] 17.
Taste aversions exert an iron grip on individual behavior because they provoke the body's gut defenses, such as regurgitation or diarrhea, Garcia contends.
Or you've escaped cravings but fallen victim to aversions - also a common pregnancy companion.
Chronic Lithium Illness Episodes and Development of Conditioned Food Aversions.
Finally, Goode examines the wine drinker: the role of smell in the perception of wine's flavor, allergies and aversions to wine, and some of the drink's health benefits.
To awaken to our most primal essence--our Buddha nature--the Buddha taught that all beings must realize that the causes of suffering stem from our desires, aversions, and our ignorance of our essential nature, and that we must follow paths away from these causes.
By turns enigmatic, insightful, and lyrical, Aversions offers a body of poetry that is subtle and almost visual in its passionate employment of language.
He has demonstrated great success in balancing his clients' lifecycles with their aversions to risk, a skill our clients will benefit from both immediately and in the future.
In the present study on running-based taste aversion, we likewise expected a successful demonstration of context discrimination, not only because many features of Pavlovian conditioning are shared by running- and poison-based taste aversions (see above), but also because some studies suggest a similarity between running and LiCl in the physiological processes causing taste aversion (Dwyer, Boakes, & Hayward, 2008; Nakajima, Urata, & Ogawa, 2006).
Although the duration and speed of rotation used in this experiment have been effective in producing conditioned taste aversions (CTAs) in previous experiments (Batsell & Pritchett, 1995), no work has done a direct comparison of the strength of lithium-induced CTAs and rotation-induced CTAs.
Cancer patients develop aversions to foods eaten just before chemotherapy," Bernstein said last week in Los Angeles at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association.