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We plot the demand curve and the supply curve for different combinations of risk aversion parameters in Figure 6.
In these studies, the contextual control of LiCl-based taste aversion was unaffected by posttraining extinction treatments.
While there has long been debate about the social and biological differences between men and women, new research by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the University of Chicago's Department of Comparative Human Development and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, explores how the hormone testosterone plays an important role in gender differences in financial risk aversion and career choice.
Recently, it has been debated whether risk aversion is state dependent and whether it is procyclical or countercyclical.
For example, ingestion of toxins produces an acute episode of nausea that induces a conditioned aversion for a flavored food just eaten.
What strategists are confident about is that if the recent risk aversion in global financial markets during the summer of 2007 continues, the yen could abruptly appreciate without warning as the risk aversion spreads to a broader array of asset classes (beyond the collateralized debt obligation market).
By creating opportunities for excessive litigation, increasing risk aversion by managers, and distracting executives' attention from maximizing shareholder value, among other flaws, SOX's disadvantages far outweigh its advantages according to the authors--who have come up with a far more viable plan to repeal or legally challenge SOX and address the issues SOX was meant to handle in a more effective manner.
Bakker's aversion to televangelism almost prevented him from agreeing to do the series.
Many compounders are said to have an aversion to peroxide cures.
Instead, Doerksen considers the influence and rise of the independent radio station--whose audiences had no aversion to broadcast advertising, which interspersed jazz and popular songs for publishers with ads.
His aversion to racial discrimination compelled him to integrate his high school swimming pool-after which the school closed the pool.
In his recent speech the Prime Minister Tony Blair echoed the sentiment of his colleague Gordon Brown regarding the potentially damaging impact that risk aversion can have on business.
But banks have had an aversion to the industry ever since it was rocked by scandals in the 1980s.
To be published six times a year, Applied Financial Economics Letters is a companion journal to T&F's Applied Financial Economics and publishes short accounts of new financial and economic research on such topics as hedging, spot-futures markets, stock prices as predictive tools, risk aversion, competition, identification of currency crises and interest rate options.
No wonder Banham (a later AR editor) and Pevsner were to fall out, as the latter's aversion to Expressionism saw pupil and master part ways.