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the state of not being disposed or inclined

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Studies have also shown that credit rationing, on account of risk averseness, is not specific to domestic private and foreign banks (Bannerjee & Duflo, 2004).
This leads to the well-known expected utility hypothesis (EUH) in which the degree of risk averseness is often assumed to be decreasing in wealth.
While the exposure to toxic mortgages created extreme risk averseness amongst banks in 2008/09, sovereign bonds issued by the European periphery is now beginning to create the same level of weariness.
sociocultural distance, market size, trade barriers), desired mode characteristics (risk averseness, control, flexibility) and transaction-specific factors.
As the global risk averseness mood continues to diminish, Saudi banks cautiously follow suit and deem to expand their loans portfolios.
Several factors affect the demand for health insurance of an individual: degree of risk averseness, probability of becoming sick, magnitude of the loss, the price of insurance, and income.
There are tremendous technological resources and ideas that have been developed in Canada, but they are being commercialised and their value is being gained in other jurisdictions because we have a risk averseness and lack of leadership in our institutions.
The issue is not necessarily one of domestic liquidity, which seems to be abundant, but rather one of high risk averseness by banks and of low demand for borrowing.
The averseness of the European public to further enlargement and to the extension of EU's mandate at the expense of national policies came to a head when the European Constitution, which aimed at turning the EU into an ambitious project, was rejected by the French and Dutch referenda held respectively in May and June 2005.
The single- limit Tobit decomposition framework suggested by Barry and Ellinger [26] was used to assess strategies aimed at enhancing risk- averseness of the lenders in the study area.