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total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units

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The average cost of a condominium unit on or adjacent to the beach rose 36 percent to $641,000 from $471,000 in 1990.
Food prices shot up with the average costs of a hot dog and hamburger increasing 14 cents to $2.
Invesco Total Return first bought the stock in 1991, at prices of $8 to $11, and it has continued to buy more when prices have softened, resulting in an average cost per share of $29.
We also look at their other proposition and theories on capital structure, contrasting these to a more traditional view of the weighted average cost of capital.
Instead, they would be required to compute profits based on the average cost of the shares they own.
13um, 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 32nm), 300mm capacity, static leakage problems, cost estimates, yield issues, processor cost estimates and cost trends including average manufacturing cost, average cost by generation, average cost by segment, and effect of on-die L2 cache.
Since the middle of May when AAA issued its most recent monthly news release on gas prices, the average cost of gasoline has declined.
THE average cost of a basic funeral in Wales leapt by 5.
London remains the most expensive place to move home, with the average cost totalling PS27,946.
The cost includes the transaction fee and exchange rate margin, and represents the average cost of transferring money through commercial banks and money transfer operators.
Thus, average cost for one kilogram of meat comprises $1.
The main finding is that the average cost of the 60 targeted products has decreased by 1.
An average cost of a break in the Turkish city, including flights, hotel, activities and dining out, is pounds 684pp, with flights times of around six hours,.