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a translucent quartz spangled with bits of mica or other minerals

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Faberge's hardstone Chelsea Pensioner, fashioned from purpurine, aventurine quartz, jasper, gunmetal, gold, enamel and cabochon sapphires (Picture: The Royal Collection Trust)
In the subdivision for glazes, only a few glazes are available for chrome red, artificial red, aventurine, cullet and enamel due to being unusual or seldom used.
One of the must-haves: a tiered necklace of black onyx, amethyst and red and green aventurine beads, $104.
Among the stones and powers on offer are rose quartz to bring love, amethyst to bring intelligence, mother of pearl to bring money, turquoise to bring health, aventurine to bring success, lapis lazuli to bring relaxation and carnelian to help with PMT.
Serving many of the top names in online gaming, GNi recently expanded relationships with current customers, as well as signed a number of new customers, including Aventurine, Frogster, and 3D Duo.
0cm) has more than 2000 tesserae on the face made of turquoise, malachite, aventurine, jadeite and mollusk shell (Ishihara-Brito 2010; Ishihara-Brito & Taube 2012: 464-74).
Carry an aventurine or wear it as a neckpiece to help fight stress.
Antique Venetian glass tends to be ornate, finely wrought into fragile, fanciful shapes, and often contains fine threads of other colours or glittering aventurine inclusions.
Instead of the splash of diamonds across the face, Rio's new model is made of rare dark-blue Aventurine quartz.
Wraps also are available in combinations of hematite, crystal beads, and freshwater pearls, and in 13 varieties of semiprecious "healing" stones: amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, garnet, lapis, malachite, peridot, quartz crystal, rose quartz, sodalite, tigereye, and turquoise.
Use Emerald, peridot, green jade, aventurine, or malachite.
has introduced a new 25-piece collection of clocks set in semiprecious stones, including amethyst, aventurine, sodalite, citrine, orange calcite, agates and rose quartz, for suggested retail between $65 and $200.
Aventurine SA, a computer games developer located in Athens, Greece has expanded its relationship with GNi to host their groundbreaking game, Darkfall Online, in North America with a launch scheduled for release later this summer.