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  • verb

Synonyms for avenge

get revenge for


  • get revenge for
  • revenge
  • repay
  • retaliate for
  • take revenge for
  • hit back for
  • requite
  • pay (someone) back for
  • get even for
  • even the score for
  • get your own back for
  • take vengeance for
  • take satisfaction for
  • pay (someone) back in his or her own coin for

Synonyms for avenge

to exact revenge for or from

Synonyms for avenge

take revenge for a perceived wrong

References in classic literature ?
It was an angry thought, goading him to some avenging act, that should change the cheerful house into a haunted place which lonely travellers would dread to pass by night; and where the timid would see shadows struggling in the ruined windows when the moon was dim, and hear wild noises in the stormy weather.
Ever, like an avenging devil, Mulcachy pursued and smashed and jabbed, gritting through his teeth: "You will argue, will you?
As Kiche, when with the wolves, had lured out to destruction dogs from the camps of men, so White Fang, in manner somewhat similar, lured Lip-lip into Kiche's avenging jaws.
For the last time, sir, what am I--a demon who has seen the avenging angel?
It seemed to her the passionless face of an avenging angel, stamped only with the purpose of the Lord.
Before Rose could express her regret, Jamie, who had been reddening and ruffling like a little turkey-cock for several minutes, burst out indignantly, bent on avenging the wound given to his beloved dolly.
The Danites, taking their name from the avenging angels of the Mormon mythology, sprang up in the mountains of the Great West and spread over the Pacific Coast from Panama to Alaska.
There was no fear of human justice finding me out: my one unutterable dread was dread of an Avenging Providence.
The judgment of an Avenging Providence--there was what I was waiting for.
I had waited for the judgment of an Avenging Providence.
But to represent the Almighty as avenging the sins of the guilty on the innocent, was indecent, if not blasphemous, as it was to represent him acting against the first principles of natural justice, and against the original notions of right and wrong, which he himself had implanted in our minds; by which we were to judge not only in all matters which were not revealed, but even of the truth of revelation itself.
By the permission of Allah, you will surely taste the bitter consequences of your actions the al-Shabaab statement warned, Avenging the death of our scholars and leaders is a binding obligation on our shoulders that we will never relinquish nor forget no matter how long it takes it added.
He added that Taliban told him that they are avenging the operation carried out in Swat.
Based upon one of Japan's most enduring legends, this extraordinary tale of courage has its origins in the early 18th century, when 47 noble Samurai honoured the untimely death of their master by avenging him.
He plays an ex-special forces man, on the run from military police and living on the streets, who transforms himself into an avenging angel to seek a young girl's killer and also help a nun (Buzek) who is trying to aid the homeless.