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without blood vessels


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It was claimed that this results from the relative avascularity of the paravertebral space and hence the slow uptake of local anaesthetic (10).
With its inherent properties [] transparency, flexibility, avascularity and relatively small thickness, vitelline membrane of the hen's egg and VMHE-m in particular could find application in design of membrane-cell-grafts for clinical use.
2008); 2) physiological damage to the retinal cells resulting from multiple embolisms, low blood oxygen levels in the choroid rete, avascularity of the retina, and the need of a continuous supply of oxygen in the retinal cells (Fonner et al.
The avascularity of the eschar results in impaired migration of host immune cells and restricts delivery of systemically administered antimicrobial agents to the area, while toxic substances released by eschar tissue impair local host immune responses.
The avascularity of the cornea puts it in a relatively immune-privileged position, and complications due to graft rejection can be handled more effectively than in other solid organs.