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Synonyms for avariciousness

excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves

Synonyms for avariciousness

extreme greed for material wealth

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Saint-Simon described the Marquis de Villars as an adaptable spirit, and a good actor with an open physiognomy, but with great self-esteem, ambition, avariciousness, and inclined to serve his own interests.
Ichabod Crane's avariciousness, along with his desire to possess the land and Katrina Van Tassel reappear in the character of Flem Snopes and his eventual marriage to Eula Varner.
Birkerts's contention, arising from his review of Glotfelty and Fromm's The Ecocriticism Reader (1996), is that literature should explore human nature, its avariciousness, rapacity, and the will to power (p.
1596) displaying both avariciousness and tragicalness remains an unexplained phenomenon.
I do not think that if wiser economists had sat around in Boston and London and planned things differently in the eighteenth century, the crisis could have been avoided, because this kind of planning is not strong enough to be a dike against the greed of human beings and the avariciousness which this technology accentuates and makes possible.
where our contradictions must be confronted, normal as they appear, contradictions resulting from living within the supremacy of whiteness and the avariciousness of capital, where we live within a state that would rather cage human beings rather than educate them (O'Donnell, Chavez Chavez, & Pruyn, 2004) is the space this anthology desires to mediate and it does so but indirectly.
That America was hypocritical about its Negro slavery and territorial ambitions drew his satirical ire, but it was England as well as America that he held up to scorn for the reception of the midget, General Tom Thumb, and (as Jerrold represents him) the avariciousness of P.
She cannot count on a Snopes as she could on Colonel Dick, a stranger and Northerner, for though a white Southern man and familiar to her, Snopes will put his own avariciousness before protecting women and children, and Granny and Sartoris are willing to abandon the station in society that had always insulated their kind from the depredations of the rabble.
What sort of parent inculcates such avariciousness into their offspring?