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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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I seek to illustrate the avant-garde ethic at the heart of their works by showing that both artists problematize the concept of individual creation through disruptions and repetitions.
In between times, we realize how powerful is the appeal to religious orthodoxy; how insecure our sense of the secular; how fragile any idea of global cultural understanding; how the politics of art rarely lies in the artifice itself, but all around it, in the machinations of mayors or the pieties of priests; how the translations and juxtapositions of the postcolonial artist establish hybrid agendas that properly confuse the old and the new, combine the avant-garde and the avant la lettre, and question the synchrony and homogeneity of "the present," "the modern," "the postmodern," "Us and Them.
Then, the dream of the avant-gardes to construct actual spaces and instances of self-determination, in dialectic negation of myth, magic, and cult, would have become an electronic reality, and we could look back in mourning at the disappearance of that reality's material obstacles and historical resistances.
Crudely paraphrased, his argument is that a progressive avant-garde dissolution of art's traditional media has made possible an intensifying engagement with "actual bodies" and "social sites" and thus an effective realization of those institutional critiques that were repressed in earlier phases of avant-gardism.
Instead of exploring the history of this century's avant-gardes, as his foreword initially implies, Clair interrogates another, alternative history, one he perceives as ignored and overshadowed in the Modern canon's conventionally accepted plan.
The triangulation of repressed fascism, the emerging domination by the (American) culture industry, and the desire to reconstitute a (national) avant-garde culture is generally at the foundation of the neo-avant-gardes of this period (except in England and the U.
Lautreamont and Alfred Jarry are idealized as touchstones of the avant-garde mentality, the artist who dies young (Umberto Boccioni, Franz Marc, Eva Hesse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe) is automatically beatified, the child is held up as the authentic artist of spontaneous vision and imagination--historically, avant-garde art has always quintessentialized youth.
The chapter on Cage considers the 1952 untitled piece primarily as an occasion to define a "distinctly American" and "affirmative" (69) vanguardism which, unlike the mostly anti-academic and anti-institutional European avant-gardes, thrived in John Dewey-influenced, counter-cultural academic institutions like Black Mountain College and the New School.
Regarding the popular; modernism, the avant-garde, and high and low culture.
The Czech Interwar avant-garde represents one of the most striking and distinctive periods in Czech music.
The Avant-gardes turn their attention almost exclusively to Negroid sculpture and the art of savages [sic], prehistoric graffiti and pre-Columbian and Indian art; they turn .
The ambitious, densely packed Antologia de la poesia latinoamericana de vanguardia (1916-1935) presents a sampling of both the various Spanish American avant-gardes and contemporary Brazilian modernismo.
The essays are organized into sections devoted to general theoretical and historiographical issues; the way ideas of "Europe" circulated in the avant-gardes and modernism; how older forms of European identity informed modernists and avant-gardists; and how "Europe" was related to other continents in the avant-garde and modernism and how experimental cultural producers from non-European regions understood "Europe.
As he writes in his essay "Cross-Gender/Cross-Genre" (1999), "Of course, as every educated person knows, this was all old hat in relation to modernism--the avant-gardes at the beginning of the century: cubism, futurism, dada, and surrealism.
Visions of violence; German avant-gardes after fascism.