auxiliary storage

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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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The price of one megabyte of auxiliary storage (in the disk drive) was about one-ninth the 1972 price.
The new release of the operating system, Version 2 Release 3, provides a powerful Integrated Language Environment (ILE)(A) for programming languages, enhances Save-While-Active and other system functions, and supports mixing of RAID and mirrored disk storage devices in the same AS/400 Auxiliary Storage Pool.
With the new version of the operating system, OS/400 V2R3, customers can mix high-availability 9337 Subsystems using RAID-5 with their mirrored disk drives in the same AS/400 Auxiliary Storage Pool, making it even easier to protect the system from any single disk drive failure.
iCluster also supports Independent Auxiliary Storage Pools, or IASPs, included in V5R1.
Furthermore, the speed of the 9840FC transforms tape from an auxiliary storage device into a mission-critical tool for holding digital text, video clips, X-rays, check images, e-business data and other important, frequently accessed information.
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