auxiliary equipment

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electronic equipment not in direct communication (or under the control of) the central processing unit

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Its SIC equivalent code is: 3728 -Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, NEC (except fluid power aircraft subassemblies, target drones, and research and development not producing prototypes).
Total quantity or scope: Delivery, installation and commissioning of auxiliary equipment within the project Regional Centre of Competence and Development Sector Automotive Suppliers~ SMIS code 39 375, complies with the specification - Fact sheets, divided into lots as follows:
1% compared with Second Quarter 2001, while auxiliary equipment shipment dollars increased a total of 9.
Perform steam, energy, water boilers and auxiliary equipment, filters, technological pits, canals, tanks, tubes, containers surface cleaning, steam turbine condenser, a network of water heaters and other auxiliary equipment pipe cleaning.
Auxiliary equipment is now an inseparable part of the plastics industry's move towards greater precision, quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.
com/reports/c53763) has announced the addition of Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the U.
Tenders are invited for Repairs of auxiliary equipment in thermal power plants of EVN Bulgaria EAD DHC
plantwide monitoring and control system for auxiliary equipment (loaders, blenders, dryers, chillers, TCUs, and granulators).
dust stops, chamber hood, drives); auxiliary equipment (e.
The total value is about SEK 50 million and includes decanter centrifuges and auxiliary equipment for treatment of waste water sludge.
Tenders are invited for Auxiliary Equipment For Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Vehicle Itb
Automation and auxiliary equipment supplier Wittmann Inc.
Wire and sinking EDM machines, gun drills and surface grinding equipment, along with all the necessary conventional and other auxiliary equipment is offered.
Through more than 30 years of existence, Muller Martini Mailroom Systems has established itself as the leader in integrated inserting solutions, and as a major supplier of high-speed inserters, press conveyors, mailroom auxiliary equipment, and production system software.
Tenders are invited for Contracts for Provision of Auxiliary Equipment Within the Project Regional Centre of Competence and Development Suppliers Automotive Sector, Smis Code 39375
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