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(nautical) a small engine (as one used on board ships to operate a windlass)

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Compared to refrigerated trucks that use an auxiliary engine to operate the compressor, the new system is quieter, and contributes to an approximately 150kg weight reduction because it does not need an auxiliary engine.
8 SFC [g/kWh] 2-stroke main engine 200 200 200 SFC [g/kWh] 4-stroke main engine 200 200 200 Auxiliary power [kW] 230 346 520 SFC [g/kWh] auxiliary engine 180 180 180 Speed (80% load) [km/h] 21 21 25 Time at port 13.
But from Friday, the centennial of his birth, the company will hold an exhibition at the headquarters until the end of this month, showing a video about Soichiro Honda's life, as well as the auxiliary engine for bicycles he developed and early models of Honda's motorcycle Supercub.
It can also be used with vehicles without a PTO using the optional auxiliary engine.
The boat's main engine had failed after launching from Meols and its auxiliary engine did not have the power to overcome the receding tide.
D Series units are powered by a heavy-duty diesel fueled auxiliary engine.
3/MF 11 Sweeping gear Location: Between truck axles Broom diameter: 914mm Broom length: 4,200mm Sweeping width/angled position: 3,630mm/30 [degrees] 3,560mm/32 [degrees] 3,400mm/36 [degrees] Drive: Hydrostatic, variable displacement pump on auxiliary engine, two hydraulic motors directly on broom shaft Working speed: Up to 60km/h Blower system: Blowing direction: 90 [degrees] towards driving direction, adjust able to the left or right side
New sensor detects events such as engaging Power Take Off (PTO), door opening, auxiliary engine shut off and more -
That's one idea from Belfast-based B9 Shipping, which is working on a 21st-century version of the clipper, with three masts and a Rolls-Royce auxiliary engine, powered by natural gas.
Two engines power the vehicle, a 420hp auxiliary engine at the rear and a 300hp traction engine at the front.
Tenders are invited for Vishva Bandhan Auxiliary Engine
Although twin-engined -- a 420 HP auxiliary engine at the rear, and a 300 HP traction engine at the front -- the F2000 is nevertheless a compact operator, with far better maneuverability than traditional trailer sweepers, claims Fresia.
The boat was running on an auxiliary engine which was not strong enough to push against the tide.
Key Facts Regarding the Auxiliary Engine Emissions Standards Litigation:
The pumps are driven via auxiliary drive of the chassis, thus without auxiliary engine.
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