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Antonyms for autumnal

of or characteristic of or occurring in autumn

characteristic of late maturity verging on decline

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99 Mugs Autumn is a time for mug of hot chocolate, tea and (possibly) stronger concoctions, so why not go all out with an autumnal mug?
Light the fire and some fabulous autumnal fragranced candles and breathe in every inch of this crisp season.
The winter solstice, which will be the next season marker after the autumnal equinox, marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night.
1 Printed midi dress Ladylike midis are perfect for this time of year, because you can pair them with summery shoes or autumnal boots.
CHILDREN'S autumnal studies have boosted learning and helped the hungry.
Contract notice: Study on the autumnal migration Cross in Styria
Get out and about and enjoy some autumnal treats before these sites move to winter opening hours from November 2.
Day and night will have equal length today due to the occurrence of a celestial phenomenon called autumnal equinox.
On a bright autumnal day, we played Redesdale and Battle Hill Primaries, coming out as the winners in both matches.
J OURNAL readers have been out in force to capture to majesty of the region's autumnal colours.
He said: "We are currently enjoying a beautiful autumnal day and the ground is good to soft with a Going-Stick reading of 6.
In the autumnal, uncurtained classroom, in this autumnal
The flavour of Riesling as it develops on the vine becomes fuller with many layers of fresh and autumnal fruits with the underlying mineral character that makes a great Riesling so distinctive.