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tissue that is taken from one site and grafted to another site on the same person


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Islet autotransplant outcomes after total pancreatectomy: a contrast to islet allograft outcomes.
Only a handful of cardiac autotransplants have been performed, and in all of these cases, just a single chamber at most has been removed and rebuilt.
The autotransplant, in contrast, is powered by a small internal pacemaker similar to those used to control erratic hearts.
Silber said that he believes the appeal of this more patient-friendly ovarian transplantation could be wide reaching, extending beyond autotransplants for chemotherapy patients and even beyond allotransplants for patients with premature ovarian failure.
All of these studies have exhibited feasibility limitations, with ~30% of those randomized to autotransplant arms not completing assigned treatment.
Clinical Activity in Multiple Myeloma Supports Utility after Autotransplant
Minnich's heart, successfully excised three malignant growths, and returned the repaired organ, making her the first woman to receive an autotransplant of the heart.
This autotransplant is believed to be the first performed on a teenager and the fourth to date in this country.