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any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome

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However, two submetacentric autosomes had such small, short arms that they could not be identified in the G-band karyotype, and were not numbered.
Before they became specialized sex chromosomes, the X and Y were once an ordinary, identical pair of autosomes like the other 22 pairs of chromosomes humans carry.
The "Green eggs and Him" output is representative of overall levels of aneuploidy as evidenced by a) the correlation between GFP expression and the presence of germline defects as well as high levels of embryonic lethality, a phenotype expected from the missegregation of the autosomes and not just the X chromosome (Hodgkin 2005; Kelly et al.
A palindrome on an autosome will be selected against because it will lead to unequal recombination and chromosomal instability.
Quantitative trait locus-by-environment interaction for milk yield traits on Bos taurus autosome 6.
Karyotype analysis of 50 metaphases revealed a pattern of 46, X, t(X;1)(q21;p32), suggestive of a balanced sex autosome translocation involving the long arm of chromosome X and short arm of chromosome 1 (Figure 1).
For each of the 3 categories of regional sequence uniqueness, we simulated 50 intrachromosomal inversion events per autosome or randomly selected 1000 different pairs of chromosomes for interchromosomal translocations.
The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits Mda5 and Mda3 on autosome 1 of Musca domestica are not involved in spinosad resistance.
The case reported here represents a much rarer example of an autosome (non-sex chromosome) rearrangement interfering with normal sexual development.
21 by PCR analysis of somatic cell hybrids containing X; autosome translocations.
Meniere disease as an autosome dominant hereditary disease [in German].
Chromosome 21 is the second smallest human autosome extending for a total of 33, 8 Mb.
The clones are assayed for autosomal meiotic nondisjunction by crossing clone-bearing females to males that carry a compound autosome (C(3)EN to screen 2L and C(2)EN to screen 3R).
The only variable autosome is pair 26 that is acrocentric in the European snow voles examined in this study, but metacentric in the other three species.
gene heredity mutation mitosis embryo allele helix clone sequence polymer autosome phenotype recessive metaphase locus polymerase telophase oligonucleotide geneticist interphase prophase phage bacteriophage chromomere transduction transformation nucleus Mendelian genome meiosis chromosome recombinant pedigree plasmid vector replicon nucleosome chromatography zygote centromere anaphase genotype endonuclease backcross exonuclease polyploidy diakinesis cytogenetics crossover segregate codominance dominance translocation nucleolus