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Adequate auto insurance is a vital part of the financial planning process for both individuals and businesses.
Autos will attempt to pilot a six cylinder, 3500 hp, twin turbo, grease-fueled diesel to a new land speed record.
It can be a cost-effective lead generation tool for auto dealerships, but only if properly implemented.
A poll of Holiday Autos customers in the United Kingdom earlier this year revealed their opinions on the five most iconic drives across Europe.
Matson is particularly gratified that it has continued to receive the support of most of the major auto manufacturers," said Hoppes.
Automotive advertisers will be able to generate more impact against BusinessWeek's affluent audience with the targeted environment provided by the Autos Channel," said BusinessWeek Online Vice President, Howard Manus.
Students taking Jiffy Lube's `Basics of Auto Care' class will come away with a broad knowledge base that will enable them to make smart choices when it comes to their own automobiles, as well as show them the kinds of careers that are available in the industry.
In addition, MetLife Auto & Home suggests that consumers save receipts for temporary repairs, begin to make inventory lists of damaged property, and jot down any issues or concerns they have so that insurance personnel can get their claims processed as soon as possible.
GrandProtect also enables consumers to insure multiple autos, residential property, boat, personal excess liability, recreational vehicle, and motorcycle protection.
The new Service and Repair feature includes content and services that will link users of MSN Autos with auto dealers in their area.
With more than 50 mobile data solution vendors present at the tradeshow, Auteo Media's Contact Auto system stood out as the only application directly targeting automotive dealerships.
In an effort to promote the need for alcohol-free driving during the festive holiday season, MetLife Auto & Home is teaming up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to ask the public to "Tie One On for Safety" during the holidays.
Located in the heart of the Central Valley, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Central California International Auto Show is sold out for space in its inaugural year, including a Ride and Drive opportunity.
Teens insured by MetLife Auto & Home in these 11 states can take advantage of the program as their auto policies renew.