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(physiology) processes that maintain a generally constant physiological state in a cell or organism

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One key complication associated with this condition might be diffuse cerebrovascular endothelial failure, which leads to BBB damage, local inflammation, and reduced CBF as a result of the loss of autoregulation.
Although OPP was reduced, autoregulation might maintain blood flow despite changes in perfusion pressure in young adults.
The effectiveness of regulating blood pressure depends on the functional dominance of autoregulation and vasoactive hormones over local factors that determine the adaptation of the flow to the current metabolic status of an organ or tissue [40, 41].
Meanwhile, "for those without cognitive impairment and who have intact cerebral autoregulation, lower blood pressure targets may be beneficial to preserve cognition.
Vasodilation of the arterioles through a process called myogenic autoregulation along with, perhaps gravitational forces following completion of an exercise overhead may have increased venous return and explain why the current study demonstrated diastolic PEH following UBRE but not following LBRE (27,35).
Increased blood pressure in situations of stress causes cerebral vasodilatation when the pressure autoregulation is disturbed, which may cause intracranial hypertension, particularly if compliance is low.
Autoregulation of cerebral blood flow in newborn babies.
Analysis of Cell Lineage Trees by Exact Bayesian Inference Identifies Negative Autoregulation of Nanog in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells," Cell Systems, 2016; 3 (5): 480 DOI: 10.
Two main mechanisms in the pathophysiology of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome include vasospasm and cytotoxic edema, accompanied by increased blood pressure and disruption in cerebral autoregulation, and development of vasogenic edema (2).
autoregulation (ou maitrise de soi) Transcendance Appreciation de la beaute et Forces qui favorisent une de lexcellence ; gratitude ; ouverture vers quelque espoir ; humour ; spiritualite chose de plus grand que soi et qui aident a trouver du sens a sa vie.
If this decrease in the hemispheric cerebral blood flow is significant enough to impair autoregulation, then consequently ipsilateral cerebral hyperperfusion can occur after internal carotid artery declamping.
He attributed the cortical lesion to failure of cerebral autoregulation resulting in rupture of capillary junctions with leakage of both plasma and red blood cells.
The injured brain in children is vulnerable to hypotension due to loss of autoregulation resulting in decreased cerebral perfusion, the end result being irreversible cellular damage.
Objective: This Horizon2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Individual Fellowship grant proposal focuses on the development of a new gene therapy approach targeting intractable epilepsy, with the major aim to achieve autoregulation of seizure detection and termination.
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