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Synonyms for autopsy

Synonyms for autopsy

an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

perform an autopsy on a dead body

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31) Relying on pre-Williams precedent, the Second Circuit used Justice Sotomayor's "primary purpose" test to hold the autopsy report of Somaipersaud was nontestimonial because it was created "substantially before" a criminal investigation into his death began and therefore the report was "not prepared primarily to create a record for use at a criminal trial.
Keywords: Pakistan, Epidemiology, Autopsy, Road traffic, Karachi, Accidents, Statistics, Numerical data.
Analyses were restricted to unexplained deaths for which we could ascertain from the selected death certificate data whether an autopsy had been performed.
autopsy No autopsy No imagine notes 18% 45% No pathology on images 58% 30% Pathology on images 24% 25% Fig.
The incidence of significant differences between autopsy findings and clinical diagnosis varies between 20% and 40%, suggesting that in one or two out of five deceased individuals upon whom autopsies are performed, the main clinical diagnosis is not confirmed or supported at autopsy.
I am the family lawyer and I did not ask the so-called Tahrir Doctors to attend the autopsy.
His ruling goes on to say that just because media outlets have requested the autopsy reports it doesn't support the government's assertion that any statements pose a serious threat of pre-trial publicity.
has said it could be several weeks before the results of an autopsy done Feb.
This will be the fifth autopsy on Petruna Nikolova, a 46-year-old woman who came to Cyprus from Bulgaria to look for a job only to die on February 22, a few days after her arrival.
Of the classic autopsy techniques identified by the College of American Pathologists, four are most often used: Virchow, Rokitansky, Ghon and Letulle.
Only forensic pathologists know how to do autopsy," she stressed.
ABBOTTABAD -- A team of doctors Thursday performed autopsy of 11-year old Misbah after exhuming her dead body.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa's top cop on Wednesday said that an autopsy report had confirmed that a minor girl in Mardan had been raped before being killed.
1] Autopsy in combination with placental examination is the most valuable analysis to identify the cause of stillbirth.
Pakapong Tanyakan's family was told by the military that he died of a heart attack last month, but did not release an autopsy to the family.