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Synonyms for autopsy

Synonyms for autopsy

an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

perform an autopsy on a dead body

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Amish, Hmong, Muslims and some Orthodox Jews also object to invasive autopsies.
If the professional work associated with the performance of autopsies is expressed as multiples of established surgical pathology CPT codes, the precise RVU values do not need to be further adjusted for these factors.
In cases where autopsies were performed and pathology was found on imaging, the findings of the two methods of examination were consistent.
In South Africa academic and/or anatomical pathology autopsies are conducted in terms of the Human Tissue Act (Act 65 of 1983).
However, it does reveal that the procedures adopted in both autopsies would seem to be common practice in the country, which is very worrying," they continue.
This is directly related to constitutional rights since autopsies are seldom necessary to confirm diagnosis.
It can be beneficial to have more than one experienced staff pathologist perform autopsies in non-medical examiner cases.
The funding will be used to build a 4,000-square-foot crypt and reconfigure existing buildings to separate hazardous areas and provide more space for autopsies.
6) More autopsies would improve vital statistics and the practice of medicine.
Because the District and the County underwrite the costs, autopsies are performed at no charge to Broward County residents who desire this service.
Postabortion autopsies can provide important risk-recurrence information to parents when pregnancy is terminated because of a prenatal diagnosis of a fetal anomaly, according to a 10-year retrospective study, said Dr.
The real-life autopsies would be shown nightly in the show, which is still to be named.
Other shows had screened images from autopsies, it pointed out.
The researchers examined heart tissues from autopsies of 29 people who had Chagas disease and signs of heart damage.