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Synonyms for autopsy

Synonyms for autopsy

an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

perform an autopsy on a dead body

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Different autopsies are done for adults and for children.
The Secretary reacted to the calls of Doctors for Public Welfare (DPW) which included former Department of Health (DOH) chief Esperanza Cabral who urged Aguirre to order a stop to the autopsies being conducted by the PAO.
An exploratory and descriptive research design was used in order to gain a detailed description of the psychosocial implications of stillbirth, with special attention to perceptions on autopsies, including regrets regarding their initial indication or whether autopsy eased the bereavement process.
2) Therefore, more autopsies, traditional and DMA versions, are likely to reduce diagnostic error, as well as potentially provide valuable genetic information to the families of the deceased.
In court briefings, lawyers representing Christus Health argued Carswell's case fell under the Texas Medical Liability Act, which defines the nebulous term "health care" broadly enough to include autopsies.
Results: Ante mortem diagnosis confirmed as correct on total of 25/72 Autopsies.
In response, Minnesota Senator Tony Lourey (D) introduced a bill to allow families to object to autopsies on religious grounds, but let judges order them to be performed in a minimally intrusive manner when there was "compelling state interest.
This attitude gained credibility with physicians, and especially pathologists who were sick of performing autopsies.
We are delighted to have signed the agreement with Sandwell Council, a forward-thinking local authority, to bring digital autopsies to the West Midlands.
In Feliz, autopsy reports were introduced against the defendant as business records through the testimony of an employee of the OCME who did not conduct the autopsies.
Objective: To study the demographic distribution of the victims of road traffic accidents that were presented for medico-legal autopsy in Karachi, identify fatal injuries, the identity of road users autopsied and the month-wise variation in performing autopsies.
Autopsies also contribute to epidemiologic data, provide insights into disease pathogenesis, and create educational opportunities for physicians and medical students (5).
A full-body low-dose digital X-ray system has, however, been used in medico-legal autopsies in South Africa for a number of reasons.
In South Africa, academic and/or anatomical pathology autopsies are conducted in terms of the Human Tissue Act (Act 65 of 1983).
A study by British medical scientists suggests that imaging technologies can establish an accurate cause of death in many cases, sharply reducing the number of autopsies that need to be performed.