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It further noted that two of the children autopsied showed that vaccine failure might have been the cause.
In two of the children autopsied, it was noted that vaccine failure may have been the cause.
Some of them will be autopsied to find out the cause of the accident," he said at the Police Hospital Bhayangkara in Surabaya, the provincial capital of East Java.
Conclusion: There was a male preponderance, but the significant differences in two age groups need to be correlated with the incidence of RTAs in each sex in that age group and the compliance levels of getting females autopsied.
However, a larger percentage of autopsied cases showed no pathology on imaging, while a larger percentage of non-autopsied cases showed pathology on imaging (Fig.
But only 18 percent of people suspected to have died from sporadic CJD had their brains autopsied to determine the type of CJD they succumbed to, according to a ministry survey.
The remaining deaths aren't likely to be autopsied, despite the fact that health information valuable to families and medical research can be gleaned from a final exam.
Their study, the first to use data from autopsied heart attack victims to assess CRP's role in such deaths, will appear in the April 30 Circulation.
9) Similarly in 1307, one year before the opening of Chiara of Montefalco, a woman named Ghisetta was autopsied and found to have died as a result of internal bleeding from a wound that appeared superficially as healed.