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Synonyms for autoplasty

tissue that is taken from one site and grafted to another site on the same person


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surgical repair by using tissue from another part of the patient's own body

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Conclusion: Today, autoplasty is one of the most commonly practiced aesthetic operations performed by plastic surgeons.
But all procedures are becoming more popular - facelifts, autoplasty (ear job) and blepharoplasty, the correction of excessive skin around the eyelid.
In this context, the goal-oriented movement, motivated by the desire to improve functionality of the whole body, but also by the trends towards autoplasty, improvement of external characteristics, self-image, posture and attitude of the body in motion, can be considered a real "natural medicine".
defines autoplasty as being "an action of modelling the self-being--particularly body modelling--using specific activities".