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Synonyms for autopilot

a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness

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a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course

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The Autopilot creates straight rows that enable farmers to use different equipment widths--12-row planters and 8-row combines or cultivators--with no skipped rows and no need for markers.
The pilot had determined that the aircraft was about to accelerate beyond a maximum designated airspeed -- 675 kilometers per hour -- and took manual control of the airplane to slow it down while the autopilot system was still engaged, the committee said in a report released Friday.
Yes, when new to autopilots, especially one with a separate GPSS converter, knowing what mode to select for what situation can indeed be confusing.
The bottom line is that gaining autopilot approval will require a change to the autopilot-forbidding policy used for the original G5 (and Dynon D10A) AML-STC.
In the recent years, Tesla has been accused of using technology that is below par with the industry safety standards, resulting in numerous accidents involving autopilot mode.
NASDAQ: GRMN), has announced the GFC 600 and GFC 500, solid state attitude-based (AHRS-derived) autopilots for fixed-wing general aviation aircraft, the company said.
One reason is that using the autopilot during OEI flight eliminates the value of that kind of training.
The improvements come as the US National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the fatal crash and amid criticism that Musk rolled out Autopilot to customers in beta trials before the technology had been fully tested.
The preliminary report didn't include any conclusions about why the May 7 collision occurred or whether Tesla's Autopilot system contains any flaws.
The driver was killed when his Tesla S car -- operating in semi-autonomous Autopilot mode -- collided with a tractor trailer that pulled in front of him on a Florida highway.
The Autopilot system in Josh Brown's Tesla Model S couldn't tell the difference between the lorry's white trailer and the sky.
A MAN who put his car on autopilot to reportedly watch a Harry Potter film has become the first motorist to die in a self-drive smash.
A fatal accident in which the driver of a Tesla Motors Inc Model S car operating in Autopilot mode was killed in a collision with a truck has prompted an investigation by federal highway safety regulators, the US government and Tesla disclosed on Thursday.