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Synonyms for autonomous

Synonyms for autonomous

having political independence

Synonyms for autonomous

(of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces

existing as an independent entity

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(of persons) free from external control and constraint in e

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Your next car may not be fully autonomous, but it will almost certainly be more automated," he added.
Here, Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research Vehicle is tested over a range of surfaces concrete, asphalt, simulated brick and dirt and maneuvers two-, three- and four-lane roads, as well as ramps, roundabouts and tunnels.
Dr Gashinova said: "Current experimental autonomous vehicles come laden with sensors including short and long range radar, LiDAR and mono/stereo video cameras.
This Note argues that the inclusion of a mechanism to monitor and record data about vehicle functioning, known as an Event Data Recorder ("EDR"), aboard autonomous vehicles is the solution.
Global Autonomous Car Technology Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2035 - ADAS, Semi-Autonomous & Fully-Autonomous" has evaluated the future growth potential of autonomous car technology market and provides statistics and information on market structure, region-wise segmentation and industry behavior.
Advocates of a ban on autonomous weapons often claim that the technology today isn't good enough to discriminate reliably between civilian and military targets, and therefore can't comply with the laws of war.
There are already autonomous machines already in use.
argued that the deployment of lethal autonomous robots (LARs) "may
Fully autonomous weapons, also called "lethal autonomous robotics" or "killer robots", have not yet been developed, but technology is moving towards increasing autonomy.
Nissan said its goal is to offer autonomous cars "across the model range within two vehicle generations" - about 10-12 years after the projected 2020 launch.
Killer robots; legality and ethicality of autonomous weapons.
HOHHOT, Jul 29, 2009 (TUR) -- Executive Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Wednesday expressed willingness to boost relations with Turkey.
The DARPA Urban Challenge will feature autonomous ground vehicles executing simulated military supply missions safely and effectively in a mock urban area.
The results may be the fostering of autonomous, self-reliant, and self-directed workers as well as responsible, effective citizens.
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