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cars coming and going

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ABU DHABI: The world's megacities tend to boast tales of epic automobile traffic.
WORCESTER -- While most of us look at city streets and see a venue for Worcester's automobile traffic, a group of Worcesterites, headed up by Karin Valentine Goins and Jerry Powers, has a different vision.
The container and automobile traffic are exempted from busy season traffic.
It also improves the quality of life in cities thanks to a noise level 5 dBA lower (or 4 times quieter) than automobile traffic, it added.
Police drove back protesters from the square in a particularly forceful manner June 11, ripping down their banners and barricades and clearing the way for automobile traffic to return.
The automobile traffic will be taken underground and the entire Taksim Square, one of the largest squares in Istanbul, will be reserved to pedestrians only," Altay said.
The World Naked Bike Ride spelt out its mission statement on Facebook : "We face automobile traffic with our naked bodies as the best way of defending our dignity and exposing the unique dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians plus all the negative effects of oil, cars, war, consumerism, non-renewable energy as well as promoting positive body image.
Road developments will also be carried out in the Strasbourg district of Port du Rhin - a route to Germany - separating the flow of heavy goods vehicles from automobile traffic.
These areas limit their streets to automobile traffic on Christmas Eve, and together host the City's largest concentration of lights and luminarias.
If you're going to exercise outdoors, try to do so away from heavy automobile traffic or other obvious sources of air pollution, or at least at times when traffic is lighter.
For example, researchers found that even short-term exposure to heavy automobile traffic can affect the heart's autonomic function, such as your heart rate.
For the perfect outdoor getaway, try Venetian Waterway Park, where a 10 mile-long smooth concrete ribbon winds along some of the most scenic areas in Venice with minimal interaction with automobile traffic.
European surveys have shown that over six people in ten say automobile traffic in cities is unbearable and nine out of ten believe that increasing public transport is a priority in combating air pollution and seven out of ten say they support a ban on car traffic in the centre of cities on certain days.
The student report says: "In addition to the huge reduction of pollutants, reduction of automobile traffic, there will be significant improvement in quality of life of the inhabitants, which is supported by multiple studies to advanced European countries.
In spite of their association with heavy industry and automobile traffic, most Large cities produce fewer greenhouse gases per capita than their home countries.