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a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

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There are a variety of failure modes for automobile tires, such as bead failure, impact failures, defective manufacturer, improper installation, wear out, and under-inflation.
signed an agreement last month for Dow to supply Michelin with a polyure-thane-based inner support ring that will enable Michelin's new PAX automobile tire to run flat at 55 miles per hour for up to 125 miles.
Most industries, including the automobile tire industry that was the testing ground of Jovanovic and MacDonald, have an ongoing history of significant improvements in product quality and productivity.
1949, Rauschenberg's first important mature work, as well as to the Automobile Tire Print, 1953, and the grandest of all of the artist's linear works, the ongoing series of studies and reflections that make up The 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece, 1981-.
The price of an automobile tire has risen from $13 in the 1930s to about $75 today.
Indianapolis Air Pump manufactured automobile tire pumps for Ford Motor Co.
Most automobile tire makers of the early twentieth century had roots in the bicycle tire industry.
Bridgestone, one of the world's largest automobile tire makers, lost 60 yen to 2,360 yen and Yokohama Rubber dropped 5 yen to 539 yen.
This year, automobile tire demand in China is expected to reach 118 million units, the AM and OE markets are expected to grow 16.
Bridgestone, one of the world's largest automobile tire makers, lost 85 yen to 2,335 yen, and Yokohama Rubber dropped 4 yen to 540 yen.
a major Japanese automobile tire maker, announced Friday it has acquired a controlling stake in a Chinese joint venture, ensuring a foothold in tire manufacturing in China.
Automobile tire 1200-500-508 model idp-284 or equivalent
The leading automobile tire maker also intends to double film production capacity at the Iwata factory by the first half of 2011, it added.
The Japanese automobile tire maker attributed the upward revision to brisk exports from Japan, strong sales in the North American and European markets, and benefits from the euro's appreciation.