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Its zeolite product line includes Stall Fresh(TM), healthy and environmentally friendly bedding for large animals; Sweet Paws(TM) cat litter; Litter Helper(TM), an odor eliminator for cat litter boxes; PetMess(TM), an odor neutralizer to counter pet stains; Aqua Rocks(TM), which maintains ammonia control in fish aquariums; Ammonia Destroyer(TM), to eliminate excess ammonia in aquariums; Carpet Genie(TM), an odor eliminator for carpets; and Pit Stop(TM), an absorbent for cleaning automobile oil spills.
Q Lube, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is one of the largest operators and franchisors of fast service automobile oil change and lubrication centers (i.
NASDAQ: PSAC, PSACW), today announced it has finalized the sale of its 15 automobile oil change centers located in Phoenix to AutoCare Corporation.
They are dumping automobile oils, grease and posing threat to the public and the environment.
There are various brands and types of automobile oils in the markets, the choice of which is left to the users discretion [13].
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