automobile insurance

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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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United States-based The Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility has named Mark Wagenschutz as its new executive director.
Advantage of actuarial pricing and off-line sources of web service of CPPIC, along with competitiveness of big data modeling and automatic deep diving of Baidu, may result in diversified development of the whole industry of automobile insurance in China.
Countering rising automobile insurance compensation, Taiwan's non-life insurers have started to increase premiums on voluntary automobile insurance.
ASIM and Oakwood operate as independent managing general agents for non-standard automobile insurance in Texas, while Oakwood offers a policy and claim administrations system to sector firms.
Jerry Johns, president of Southwestern Insurance Information Services, said the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association--the state's assigned-risk pool--decreased 38% this year.
Direct Line is known for its differentiated automobile insurance products, whereby premiums are paid based on risk differentiation.
Statewide, total automobile insurance sales have jumped from 17.
Among premium income at American Home, automobile insurance business made 1.
The Ontario NDP has long advocated government-run automobile insurance.
005 billion in premium revenues in the first three quarters, of which premium revenues from automobile insurance totaled NT$41.
The mechanics, science and art of automobile insurance ratemaking have undergone major changes over the past three decades, particularly in recent years.
Some major factors driving up the cost of automobile insurance include the rising costs of medical care, vehicle repair, jury awards, automobile theft and fraud; according to the Insurance Information Institute, this will increase rates by 6 percent in 2004.
With proponents promising that auto insurance premiums would drop by 25 percent, the California Assembly on Wednesday approved a bill to create a sweeping no-fault automobile insurance system in California.
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