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the manufacturers of automobiles considered collectively

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The private sector should come forward and make investments for the development of automobile industry in the province.
So every player in the automobile industry will increase the prices of their cars,' Afzal commented.
New Delhi [India], September 7 ( ANI ): NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Thursday said the prevailing low rate of motorisation can be transformed into an opportunity for the automobile industry to carve its own path for production of electric vehicles.
Compared with the traditional automobile industry chain, electric vehicles break the industry chain persistently consists of suppliers, automobile plants, sales and after-sales services.
It is a stated principle that there should be a balance between environmental concern and development, therefore, any precipitate decision to ban registration of diesel engines above 2000 cc will have an adverse effect on the growth of automobile industry in the country which is the highest employment provider in manufacturing sector, the plea said.
Ragheb added that markets in Gulf countries will increase their contribution to the automobile industry with an expected purchase of nearly 3m cars in 2020, and 5m in 2030.
Moreover, they mentioned in detail the supply and demand shifts in the automobile industry.
Visvesaraya's proposal to establish an automobile industry was rejected by the then Central Government.
1% growth of its automobile industry compared with January 2011, markets shrunk in all other countries: Italy (-31.
The government press service informed that the visit to Detroit will be used for contacts with a great many representatives of US and global companies from the automobile industry.
20 -- While there has been several concerns raised over the proposed European Free Trade Agreement (FTA), it has been reported that the government has stated that it will protect the interests of domestic automobile industry while negotiating free trade agreement with the European Union and will not put the sector at "disadvantaged" position.
The ratings drew strength from the strong financial support of the company's promoters, its good ties with major automobile original equipment manufacturers, its favourable capital structure and the robust growth prospects of the Indian automobile industry.
Summary: Algerian dealers want to be associated with State's efforts to set up an automobile industry in Algeria, they said on the sidelines of the International Car Show in Algiers, opened Thursday.
Among the federal government's most controversial actions during the Great Recession was the rescue of the automobile industry.
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