automobile horn

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a device on an automobile for making a warning noise

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Motor vehicles with modified mufflers are very distracting and can cause accidents since they overpower traffic sounds such as automobile horns and traffic enforcer whistles.
They even sued local taxi drivers to demand a flat-rate fee every time a taxi conveys a patron to the Grand Opera, and you hear rumors that automobile horns that are "too musical" might be next on their list.
Here the act of consummation means collaborating to make a demo album, for which Dan has hatched the crazy idea of recording all the songs en plein air--which in New York means having to compete with the ambient noise of police sirens, automobile horns and shouted insults.
Cairo's streets have been swept by a campaign showing disapproval of the Muslim Brotherhood through honking automobile horns.
Composed in 1928, the music is scored for a conventional orchestra - plus automobile horns.
Passing motorists honked their automobile horns as purple SEIU balloons flew overhead.
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