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a factory where automobiles are manufactured

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Its rather limited focus notwithstanding, the book (based on DeHaan's dissertation, defended in 2005 at the University of Toronto) is very well researched and relies on an impressive array of new archival materials: files on city planning from the State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) and the Russian State Economic Archive (RGAE), the personal fond of Ivanitskii from the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI), documents on architectural planning and city construction from the Central Archive of the Province of Nizhnii Novgorod (TsANO), party documents from the State Sociopolitical Archive of the Province of Nizhnii Novgorod (GOPANO) and memoirs held at the Museum of the History of the Gorky Automobile Factory.
Among the materials they found were plans for an automobile factory prepared by the REO Motor Car Company and blueprints for a Sterling truck, both commissioned by the former Nationalist government.
CWW), an Ottawa-based leader in pipeline rehabilitation, to restore the sewage pipes serving an automobile factory in Windsor, Ontario.
McCullagh surveyed 2,691 noise-exposed automobile factory workers.
Of the 2,691 noise-exposed automobile factory workers surveyed for the study, 76% reported excellent or good hearing.
It's the first automobile factory in the world to achieve platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, and uses 20 per cent less energy than a comparable facility.
I HAD A DREAM THE OTHER NIGHT in which I found myself in the house where I grew up: a very modest bungalow in a neighborhood where most of the wage-earners worked in an automobile factory.
is considering shelving a plan to build an automobile factory in China, company sources said Monday.
These included a tour of the Hyundai Automobile Factory and the Hyundai Heavy Industries where they learned about South Korean cars and ships.
Mahindra Group - Caring for the environment Mahindra's business initiatives incorporate environmental responsibility, be its zero water waste automobile factory at Chakan or its LEED-certified Mahindra Lifespaces residences.
On Saturday, it stopped in Changchun, an industrial hub also in northeastern China, where he inspected an automobile factory.
ISTANBUL, Oct 27, 2010 (TUR) -- TOFAS (Turkish Automobile Factory Corp.
He will also tour the Nanjing Automobile factory where he will discuss the future of the Longbridge factory.
The next eight contributions discuss gender agency and social networks, specifically addressing the formation of the women's movement; gender and chiefship in Southern Africa; gender, ethnicity, and job expectations on an automobile factory assembly line; and gender experiences in academic institutions, among other topics.
plans to build a new automobile factory in North America, according to a news report Tuesday, as the Japanese carmaker tries to bring supply in line with surging sales.
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