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a factory where automobiles are manufactured

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He will also tour the Nanjing Automobile factory where he will discuss the future of the Longbridge factory.
The next eight contributions discuss gender agency and social networks, specifically addressing the formation of the women's movement; gender and chiefship in Southern Africa; gender, ethnicity, and job expectations on an automobile factory assembly line; and gender experiences in academic institutions, among other topics.
plans to build a new automobile factory in North America, according to a news report Tuesday, as the Japanese carmaker tries to bring supply in line with surging sales.
Allan Nevins and Frank Ernest Hill summarize in Ford, their impressive trilogy on the Ford Company: "To have fought so stubbornly to get an automobile factory started; to have toiled still more stubbornly to devote that factory to just one durable, versatile, and very cheap car [the Model T]; to have assembled a staff which pioneered so creatively in mass production; to have welcomed competition, battled in the long Selden [patent] suit for full freedom to produce, scorned protective tariffs, fought clear of Wall Street, and remained a man of the people--all of this was impressive enough.
As a young man he entered an automobile factory as a steelworker and eventually came to prominence by organizing strikes against the country's 1964-85 military regime.
If everything goes according to the City's plans, about 1,200 MetLife employees would move into an old automobile factory building at 27-01 Bridge Plaza North belonging to Brause Realty, by November of this year.
Imagine an automobile factory where one out of three newly built cars had defects so severe it was instantly scrapped and its parts recycled.
The ground is adjacent to Toshiba Machine's Sagami works and near the closed Zama automobile factory of Nissan Motor Co.
Project Telecom has taken over the Fleur de Lys Automobile factory.
After visiting a Detroit automobile factory, he installed conveyors in his facility, introducing mass production to the furniture industry.
Jiang is the adopted son of a ``revolutionary martyr,'' who received training as an engineer at the Stalin Automobile Factory in Moscow, helped manage state-owned factories producing cars, soap and food, and rose steadily through the ranks of the Chinese Communist Party.
The automobile factory of the future will be required to process orders within a few hours, orders that presently take weeks or months.
The axis adjustment used to be conducted when mounting the millimeter-wave radar in the automobile factory can be simplified, which contributes to the productivity improvement.
The infotainment market has evolved from a pattern absolutely dominated by infotainment suppliers to the one with three pillars, namely, automobile factory, infotainment supplier and mobile phone vendor.
OEM market has high barriers to entry and long certification cycle, including third-party certification, automobile factory certification, bid invitation, design and testing.
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