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the engine that propels an automobile

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Based on its longstanding commitment to "build products close to the customer," Honda operates 16 major manufacturing facilities in North America producing a wide range of Honda and Acura automobiles, automobile engines and transmissions, Honda all-terrain vehicles, power equipment products, such as lawn mowers, mini-tillers and general purpose engines, and the HondaJet advanced light jet.
Currently, Yamaha Motor focuses on developing and producing automobile engines for various car manufacturers.
Suzuki Sagara plant achieves 10 million units of automobile engine production
IWS and OWS products from Strix have been installed in a number of DHEC plants including the main Honda automobile engine factory, engine assembly factory and automobile casting plant.
And until last year it could be found inside a Formula One automobile engine.
Today, the only automobile engine that boasts good vibrations (of a different sort) may be the Toyota Prius--a techno-marvel sporting Bluetooth wireless networking.
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an automobile engine produces 20 pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas it burns, or about one pound per mile.
said Monday it will start producing engine valves in October in Shenyang in northeastern China's Liaoning Province through a joint venture to be launched Thursday with a Chinese automobile engine manufacturer, in a bid to cash in on the booming automobile market in the country.
BASF will highlight the concept of thermal engine encapsulation (TEE), a developmental technology aimed at bringing PUR into the automobile engine compartment.
However, in 1901 Santos-Dumont constructed an oblong balloon pointed at both ends, fitted with a rackety automobile engine, and so has been given credit for inventing the dirigible.
The other DEP sample came from a light-duty automobile engine (Kobayashi and Ito 1995; Sagai et al.
Research shows that letting your automobile engine run unnecessarily is largely an unconscious act," said Alain Perez, CPPI president.
The basic raw material for manufacturing of automobile engine is aluminium alloy but our industry is still importing engines mostly in CBU - Complete Built Up condition.
The other is automobile engine would run better when the fuel is cooled to just above boiling.
Engineers often find ceramics attractive for products such as spacecraft coatings and automobile engine parts because the materials can withstand more extreme conditions than many metals can, says team member Byung-Nam Kim of the National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan.
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