automobile driver

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someone who drives racing cars at high speeds

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In our case, virtually every juror believed that the automobile driver did, in fact, check her rearview mirror but that she did so too far in advance.
Wear reflective clothing at night, so automobile drivers will see you easier and sooner.
Goi, "Prediction of Automobile Driver Sleepiness : 1st Report, Rating of Sleepiness Based on Facial Expression and Examination of Effective Predictor Indexes of Sleepiness", Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Along with the automobile driver Aydyn Aydoy-an, Onur Saydam, 38, Asym Aydoy-an,15, GE-lseren Adaly,45, ME-zeyyen Ecelik,63, Sefer Adaly,82, Hasan Ecelik, 73, Esra Mantarcy, 20, E[currency]erife Aydoy-an, 31 were also taken under treatment.
The contest is between an intrepid cycling commuter, a CDTA bus commuter, and an automobile driver.
In Berlin, the automobile driver respects the cyclist.
Future photonic computers or other circuitry will need such controls to choreograph light pulses in much the same way as automobile drivers apply their brakes in order to merge, turn, and synchronize with other vehicles.
Renewable Ventures' Certified Clean Car program gives automobile drivers an easy and affordable way to reduce CO2 emissions while helping to grow markets for clean renewable energy.
Be that as it may, many automobile drivers are convinced that in current highway finance, they are subsidizing big trucks.
5 million nursing facility residents or hundreds of millions of automobile drivers and passengers.
The National Police Agency obtained approval Thursday for its plan to have four-leaf clover stickers represent physically disabled automobile drivers.
By providing automobile drivers with hands-free controls, it enhances commuters' safety and satisfaction.
Demonstrators voiced their concern about the poor conditions for bicyclists at that intersection and engaged automobile drivers in a discussion about the benefits of living car-free.
The CO2 bill proposed by the Swiss Bundesrat which could raise the price of gasoline by 50 rappen and impose a penalty on any emissions exceeding one tonne per year became law without the intervention of a referendum on the part of the truck-drivers' union,Astag, or TCS (Touring Club Schweiz) and ACS (Automobile Club Schweiz), two interest groups for automobile drivers.
The fact that the person is licensed in and of itself does not guarantee competency," he noted, pointing to attorneys, accountants and even automobile drivers.
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