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Synonyms for automaton

someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

a mechanism that can move automatically

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For the clearing off of these worthies, Mrs Podsnap added a small and early evening to the dinner, and looked in at the music-shop to bespeak a well-conducted automaton to come and play quadrilles for a carpet dance.
And now the haunch of mutton vapour-bath having received a gamey infusion, and a few last touches of sweets and coffee, was quite ready, and the bathers came; but not before the discreet automaton had got behind the bars of the piano music-desk, and there presented the appearance of a captive languishing in a rose- wood jail.
Then the discreet automaton who had surveyed his ground, played a blossomless tuneless 'set,' and sixteen disciples of Podsnappery went through the figures of - 1, Getting up at eight and shaving close at a quarter past - 2, Breakfasting at nine - 3, Going to the City at ten - 4, Coming home at half-past five - 5, Dining at seven, and the grand chain.
And now, the grand chain riveted to the last link, the discreet automaton ceased, and the sixteen, two and two, took a walk among the furniture.
Contract notice: 70/34/15/00002 - deliver, place and manage automatons for hot and cold drinks and snack automata full service system.
Alas, even with radio-controlled automatons keeping the peace, somebody somewhere will still be calling the shots.
are context free by designing non deterministic pushdown automatons that recognize these languages.
Digi Robotics is showcasing an impressive array of automatons at the Big 5 2014 .
I know there are pretty good odds that I'm going to like a band that has a song called "Zombie Girl,'' but The Automatons more than earn their keep.
It was one of three moving pieces of art - called automatons - put forward as part of the multi-million-pound town centre regeneration.
Another exceptional timepiece being offered is The Music of Love - Repeating Musical Watch with See-Saw and Concealed Erotic Automatons by Henry Capt, Geneve, made circa 1810 (lot 451).
Hammer Prices High for Antique Automatons, Miniature Tools and Civil War Medical Equipment
Self-drive dissipated to the point where employees came in almost as automatons, doing only what they were told to do," he says.
Loving The Machine: The Art And Science Of Japanese Robots is a fascinating and informative tribute to Japanese popular culture and its love affair with humanoid robots ranging from anime's Astro Boy to automatons imagined in speculative fiction to have existed in the Edo period of Japanese history.
True mechanical and musical automatons, in which movement and sound are produced by clockwork, first appeared in the 15th century.