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Synonyms for automaton

someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

a mechanism that can move automatically

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And now the haunch of mutton vapour-bath having received a gamey infusion, and a few last touches of sweets and coffee, was quite ready, and the bathers came; but not before the discreet automaton had got behind the bars of the piano music-desk, and there presented the appearance of a captive languishing in a rose- wood jail.
Then the discreet automaton who had surveyed his ground, played a blossomless tuneless 'set,' and sixteen disciples of Podsnappery went through the figures of - 1, Getting up at eight and shaving close at a quarter past - 2, Breakfasting at nine - 3, Going to the City at ten - 4, Coming home at half-past five - 5, Dining at seven, and the grand chain.
And now, the grand chain riveted to the last link, the discreet automaton ceased, and the sixteen, two and two, took a walk among the furniture.
For Dickens was violently prejudiced against the nobility and against all persons of high social standing, and when he attempted to introduce them created only pitifully wooden automatons.
2] (defined below) are context free by designing non deterministic pushdown automaton that accepts them.
In the paper we introduce a biomolecular implementation of the push-down automaton (one of the theoretical models of computing devices with unbounded memory) using DNA molecules.
Descartes constructed an automaton he named Francine.
A PLEA to Stockton council: Please, please, pretty please, let us have the fanciful, winged, steam engine, automaton at the centre of the planned seating area on the junction of Wellington Square / Dovecot Street / High Street, instead of the proposed fountain.
In addition to industrial applications, Digi Robotics' business development manager, Gautam Ahuja, is keen to showcase the company's educational automaton - a multipurpose machine that can be used to teach future generations of roboticists.
Contract notice: Rental, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning And Maintenance Of An Automated Preparation Automaton Parenting Pediatric Nutrition Mixtures For Use Inside The Pharmacy Of () Pui Hp And Saint-Denis Of Equipment And Associated Consumables.
With the automaton wrapped in his arms, the watchmaker hides himself in a small niche behind a bookcase in his apartment.
It is an extremely fine and equally rare 18K gold and painted on enamel, two-train, quarter-repeating musical watch with two automaton scenes - a see-saw automaton scene on the dial plate and a concealed erotic automaton scene.
it was shown that a finite automaton cannot create arbitrarily rare short combinations of outputs for a given lower bound on frequency of input combinations.
An automaton with a sofic limit set can have sub-automata with more complex limit sets?