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someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

a mechanism that can move automatically

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Let r denote the number of actions that learning automaton can take.
Immersed in its designer's studio, the reader sees an automaton come to life.
Obviously, an automaton has little to do with a vending machine which returns a snack after inserting a coin.
The FU operation can be described by an "improved" automaton model.
Hybrid automata take their origin from the finite automaton model [9].
Based on algorithms called cellular automaton, these are able to mimic the specialised stem cells that can repair any tissue in the human body.
Recently, Ambainis and Yakaryilmaz [2] showed that there is an infinite family of promise problems which can be solved exactly just by tuning transition amplitudes of a one-way two-state quantum finite automaton (QFA), whereas the size of the corresponding classical automata grows above any fixed limit.
2] (defined below) are context free by designing non deterministic pushdown automaton that accepts them.
This test technique called pseudo-ring (or p-) testing is based on emulation of the linear automaton in particular LFSR by memory itself.
Maelzel owns the Turk, an automaton chess master who has dazzled audiences across Europe and America with his mysterious ability to beat human opponents.
A PLEA to Stockton council: Please, please, pretty please, let us have the fanciful, winged, steam engine, automaton at the centre of the planned seating area on the junction of Wellington Square / Dovecot Street / High Street, instead of the proposed fountain.
A TA is a finite automaton augmented with real-valued clocks.
The Automaton in English Renaissance Literature: Literary and Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity.
Descartes constructed an automaton he named Francine.
It is an extension of cellular automaton approach, achieved by incorporating some basic postulates and relations of particle-related methods [6].