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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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In order to automatize this process a special scanner (Fig.
declared that it contrives to leverage Logi-D Holding, a Laval, Quebec-based provider of point-of use technology to automatize delivery chains for hospitals and healthcare firms, worth 3.
Therefore, this technology of shaping of materials should not necessarily be considered as a short-term production or as a prototype technology, but it should be accepted and tried as soon as possible to halfautomatize or automatize it with the possibility of the higher degree of utilization of energy explosion.
Presently, over 50,000 firms applies Zoho CRM to automatize their day-to-day business activities and enhance efficiency, in addition, both the firms have joined forces for rendering Zoho CRM users with an instructor-led training solution, which will equip them with the knowledge and skills to be more productive while using Zoho CRM on the job.
The goals of the connectionist approach were to (a) automatize these correspondences without invoking the verbalization of a rule and (b) thus increase the probability that they would be applied to decoding.
The new management technology will be executed through structural changes and technical re-equipment of control centers to further automatize traffic control.
Objective : ALIADA (ally in Spanish, female genre) will automatize the publication in the Linked Open Data cloud of open data hosted by different Library or Collection Management Software.
Noction IRP will help GloboTech to automatize performance-optimized routing decisions, maximize network uptime and increase stability.
Finally, students may choose to rehearse, or automatize, common calculation methods and multiple-step processes within an overall solution.
Completion of ten, monthly on-line assignments allowed participants to increase their understanding of computer capabilities and automatize implementation of processes.
We should promote the establishment of automatic clearing system in the same city to automatize accounts process and we should also make more efforts to develop private banking business and asset securitization so as to lay a solid foundation for future development.
For Victor Shklovsky everyday discourses become habitual, and thus automatize perception.
On the Curse site 29, add-ons are classified according to certain categories: Interface enhancing (graphic interface by adding or deleting parts and different information), bars (to add, modify and suppress action bars and add new functionalities), messaging (to add new options for chats, mails and messages), classes (to automatize or make easier competencies and capacities management of one class); Battle (to ease battle); Inventory/Objects (managing inventory, stocks of objects and add information in the tooltip (which contains information that appears when a character or an object is targeted); maps (new functions to world map and minimap); PvP (to enhance confort during PvP); Quests (to enhance quests window); Raid; others.
To automatize most of the SIO's functions we developed our own support system Trubar--a system of programs for Windows to build, search and maintain the catalogs--collections of units described by list of properties (dictionaries, directories, lexicons, catalogues, inventories, glossaries .
The drive to customize wood products, especially in high-volume manufacturing environments, is being met head on by the ability to further automatize the production process.