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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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Due to this, they automatize assistance without self-management, and there is not a self-analysis in group to potentialize the presence of her subjectivity and to create new therapeutic paths in the practice of Rosa's care.
This activity aims at evaluating de company current scenario analyzing the following elements: (a) the business processes that should be already structured, defined and efficient; (b) the information systems, which automatize the business processes and from which the legacy components will be extracted to be transformed into services and; (c) governance structure or program necessary to structure and control IT processes, which will allow the adequate use of resources for developing and maintaining service oriented solutions.
This representation enables the supplier to automatize parts of the plan checking process using rules to support the human plan checker.
Completion of ten, monthly on-line assignments allowed participants to increase their understanding of computer capabilities and automatize implementation of processes.
We should promote the establishment of automatic clearing system in the same city to automatize accounts process and we should also make more efforts to develop private banking business and asset securitization so as to lay a solid foundation for future development.
Contract notice: Technical support to improve and automatize data collection and reporting on animal disease outbreaks and surveillance (sigma)
000) with the objective to automatize the production of the regional maps starting from maps at larger scale.
In parallel, iPoint is also developing a cloud-based eLRT module as part of its supply chain stewardship solutions portfolio with features and functionalities to automatize the collection, analysis, management, and reporting of relevant anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking data.
The initial stages of learning involve the slow development of skills and the gradual elimination of errors as the learner attempts to automatize aspects of performance.
The company will use Servigistics PartsPlan to streamline legacy systems, automatize service parts inventory planning, and improve planner productivity through the use of PartsPlan's exception-based processing and early-warning system.
I shall also study whether and to what degree people use situational cues to automatize the implementation of suitable policies, and whether often-used, highly practiced policies can become chron-ified and turn into a trait-like processing style, as suggested by cultural studies.
Second irony refers to that no projection model can cover all the faces of leading problem and in consequence, there are let for human operator--who is intended to be cancelled--a series of tasks that the projector doesn't know to automatize, or simply he ignores them.
In order to automatize this process a special scanner (Fig.
Therefore, this technology of shaping of materials should not necessarily be considered as a short-term production or as a prototype technology, but it should be accepted and tried as soon as possible to halfautomatize or automatize it with the possibility of the higher degree of utilization of energy explosion.
Tenders are invited for study, supplying, implementation and post implementation of software solution for automatize the building permission system for new town kolkata development authority