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any reaction that occurs automatically without conscious thought or reflection (especially the undirected behavior seen in psychomotor epilepsy)

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Details of the defendants' case came to light on Friday, when their lawyer Alison Gurden told recorder Paul Grumbar that "a defence of automatism could be raised.
Part I deals with the conceptual terrain of mental incapacity doctrines; Parts II and III use a socio-historical approach to analyzing the law in England and Wales relating to unfitness to plead, infancy, insanity, and automatism (Part II), in addition to intoxication, infanticide, and diminished responsibility (Part III).
Two neuro psychiatrists who examined him both agreed it was probable that the fatal incident occurred when he was suf-suffering from epileptic automatism.
She starts by examining mental evolution from that time to now and then, in which the mind had strong links to will, automatism, spiritual experience, and the "dreamy mind.
How exactly is still subject to debate, mainly between Parliament and Merkel, who wants to avoid any automatism.
To that end, he juxtaposes a little-known philosophical treatise by Felix Ravaisson titled De l'habitude (1848)--the same text he showcased in a previous book, Courbet's Realista--to the structure of intention versus automatism, or will versus nature, that is at play in Madame Bovary (5).
He claimed that he was in a state of automatism - an act performed unconsciously - when he drove from his home near Ormskirk, Lancashire.
AYou are referring to the potential defence of automatism.
Surrealists believed in surrendering "authorial intention and control" (117) to psychic automatism, a direction the members of Oulipo oppose by predicating a consciously chosen constraint whose outcome is not predictable as a pretense to writing.
The Message is a fascinating contribution to the study of mediumship, automatism, and art, although it has minor flaws, including an irregular translation organization (the English translation is at the very end except for the Breton chapter), some translation errors, and other slips such as including references to images that are nowhere to be found in the book.
Piper showed indications of this echolalia and its highly developed automatism as a consequence.
Defence solicitor Carys Parry cited cases in law where motorists had been cleared of driving offences when the driver had a bout of sneezing and there was a clear defence of automatism.
2) Hence, while commending Bergson's perspicacity in many areas of comedy, she is deeply critical of his central thesis that ultimately all comedy derives from a single underlying formula: 'something mechanical encrusted upon the living'; for Bergson's opposition of automatism, rigidity and inertia to the live energy that is the elan vital and identification of the comic with those moments where the automatic and rigid briefly gain the upper hand suggest that life is given in itself prior to the disturbing arrival of the automatic.