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Synonyms for automatize

turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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L'Eu et les Etats-Unis suivront en 2020, date AaAaAeA laquelle le constructe promet une automatisation de niveau 4, c'est-AaAaAeA -dire un pilote automatiq qui ne nAaAaAeA@cessite pas l'intervention du conducteur.
This new platform will integrate digital marketing tools, automatisation of front and back office customer processes and an omnichannel platform.
Usefulness of automatisation in a university diagnostic laboratory: more than meets the eyeDGHM Congress, Berlin December 2011.
The stands of Bulgarian companies are located on a total area of 394 square meters in 4 halls: pneumatics and hydraulics, electrical engineering and energy, automatisation and electronics, industrial subcontracting.
Ensuite, la phase de realisation etait divisee en cinq petites activites: decouverte de la regle (a l'aide d'images), identification de non-mots, manipulation de non-mots (modification du non-mot afin de modifier le son de la graphie vedette, par exemple: tucalea tucile) production (ecriture) de non-mots et automatisation (lecture de nouveaux non-mots a l'ordinateur).
4m) in its existing facilities in 2013 and the focus is to be on high quality post print and further automatisation.
In 1992-1993 new software was created allowing for automatisation of data collection, statistical reporting, converting and up-loading data from clinical examination.
Children's cognitive effort and fluency in writing:Effects of genre and of handwriting automatisation.
Naturally, to process such a volume of information, it is necessary to have several lines or full automatisation.
A total 20% of costs will be reduced via sourcing and production strategy, 15% by technology and design for low-cost production, and 5% as a result of higher volume, automatisation and quality adjustments.
E (et al), (1983), Development of acoustic locator for autonomous mobile robots, Robotics and automatisation of manufacturing processes.
In such a highly dynamic context, the convergence of Internet technology and digital television represents a principal driver towards the automatisation of all the production processes to fulfil the requirements of the new emerging application domains.
Automatisation et controle des processus cognitifs dans le traitement de l'ecrit.
AoA common mistake organisations often make is to look at BPM from a pure end to end automatisation system where individuals would not or hardly interfere.
The comparison of these data against what is to be expected from a pedagogical and cognitive point of view will shed light on whether the textbook is suitable or not to favour effective vocabulary acquisition, that is, proceduralisation and automatisation, which is the final goal of knowledge acquisition from a cognitive perspective.
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