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turn into an automaton


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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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The idea of machine-like automatisation crops up in the text every so often, but is particularly significant in the reference, during the course of the final series of matches against the Emperor, to Gurgeh's thinking of mirrors, and of reverser fields, which gave the more technically artificial but perceivably more real impression: mirror-writing was what it said; reversed writing was ordinary writing.
As a first step in such automatisation process, automatic programme segmentation concerns the ability of automatically detect semantically coherent parts of television programmes.
The proceeds would be used to decrease our bank debt, investment into the automatisation of the paint production cycle and modernisation," Orgachim investor relations director Irena Mitsova was quoted as saying.
Children's cognitive effort in writing: Effects of genre and of handwriting automatisation in 5th- and 9th-graders.
Ukrainian troops deployed downrange use the Garant jammer developed and manufactured by the Research Institute of Complex Automatisation of Donetsk.
Swartz, MCIC, est professeur et titulaire de la chaire Dofasco en automatisation des procedes et en technologie de l'information du departement de genie chimique de la McMaster University.
This was the age of automatisation on the factory floor and it was Whitworth's flair for looking after and repairing computerised machine tools provided by Alfred Herbert Machine Tools that was to bring him to the West Midlands as he was offered a job paying three times his existing salary by the Coventry firm.
The third is the automatisation deficit hypothesis, which ascribes motor difficulties and difficulties with reading and attention to defects in the cerebellum that make it difficult for these children to coordinate motor and non-motor tasks.
Established 18 years ago in Germany, TreeSoft designs, sells, services and improves its Electrical Engineering CAD software used by OEM manufacturers of electrical components and by the building construction industry for design and specification of wiring and cabling for electrical, automatisation, HVAC, and communications systems.
Another advantage of automatisation is that human contact with the chickens is minimised, reducing the probability of illnesses, as well as labor costs.
Automatisation de problemes de positionnement sous contraintes: Application en cartographie.
In his 1987 book "Theories of second language learning", McLaughlin (1987) was able to survey the literature relating to on-line experiments on automatisation within the space of four pages.
He continued, "The programme's key objectives include the lowest production costs and the shortest time to market, as well as the highest flexibility for product marketing and innovation and the highest automatisation for product delivery concepts.
The flexible production system is characterized by different stages of automatisation, while non-production operations by different levels of integration of the subsystems including technological, revision, transport, or manipulation systems.
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