automatic teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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A bystander called police to report a possible crime in progress after seeing blood on the male victim's face when he got out of the car to use the automatic teller machine, police said.
FiSCA members provide a wide variety of financial services and products to their communities, including check cashing, money orders, money transfers, and electronic bill payment services, automatic teller machine access, government benefit and payroll payments, deferred deposit services, electronic tax preparation, prepaid debit cards, deposit acceptance services, public transportation fare and token sales, motor vehicle license plate and title distribution, postage stamp sales and numerous other services.
Users must have a personal identification number, or PIN, to use the card, just as they do with automatic teller machine technology now.
They had been on their way to the vet for the dog's regular grooming when 28-year-old Fisher, a Hollywood set dresser from Studio City, detoured to get some cash at the automatic teller machine at the Bank of America branch in North Hollywood.
Tenders are invited for Automatic Teller Machines At Various Bergen County Locations.
Do automatic teller machines need specialized insurance?
Typical applications may include set-top box, point-of-sale terminals, automatic teller machines, hand-held communication devices, metering and vending devices, and smart card readers.
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