automatic gun

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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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30 on charges of violating the gun control law after airport officials found the automatic gun in his bag while he was transferring to a flight for Bangkok, they said.
Christopher was pronounced dead at Baystate Medical Centre, in Springfield, on Sunday afternoon, shortly after firing the micro Uzi - his first time shooting a fully automatic gun - at the Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo at the Westfield Sportsman's Club, co-sponsored by COP Firearms & Training.
The Prodigy HDLV automatic gun brings all the benefits of the manual version, for even more consistent and repeatable performance in applications more-well-suited to automatic powder coating operation.
Superior powder coating coverage is achieved with the Sure Coat automatic gun with Select Charge technology.
Additional evidence included a small automatic gun, daggers, several oversized, multi-surfaced knives, nunchukas and martial arts throwing stars.
Deadly: Tiny automatic gun can fit in the palm of a hand; Gunned down: Alistair
In other Voith news: The company has invested in what it says is the world's largest suction roll shell automatic gun drilling machine in St.
The fully automatic gun system is capable of firing up to 220 rounds per minute at a distance of up to 10.
This live fire demonstration showcased improved accuracy in mobile engagements and integrated improved lethality on the M-ATV using a multi-role, multi-target automatic gun combined with a 3-axis stabilized Remote Weapon Station (RWS).
com/ Police said the gun was a 'machine pistol' - a form of automatic gun.
Crewmen, just because you don't plan to fire your Bradley's M242 automatic gun doesn't mean it's OK to leave the ammo chutes disconnected.
The range offers 20 shooting lanes, all with the latest ventilation and the capability to shoot high-power rifles, along with providing fully automatic gun rentals, training courses on Hunter's Safety and Advanced CPL/CCW, and bonus events like Bowling Pin and IPSIC shoots.
An investigation of the 39-year-oldCOs house in the Famagusta district ensued, during which the police found an air gun with a telescopic sight, a single-barreled hunting shotgun, an automatic gun, two crossbows and a night-vision scope.
A DANGEROUS semi- automatic gun disappeared as arrangements were being made to export it to the USA, Coventry magistrates heard.
Every time I hope that Stuart will get an automatic gun out of his rucksack and splatter his two self-satisfied apologies for parenthood against their woodchip wall.
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