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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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When faced with the decision how to automate, some companies have implemented formulary use tax calculations similar to those employed by states in using managed-compliance agreements, without entering into formal agreements.
If if automates their provisioning tool so it automatically migrates data onto newly mapped LUNs, they could inadvertently cause a serious problem: for example, impacting large-scale simulations that have been running for two weeks.
For years, IT organizations have invested in enterprise software to automate business processes such as production, distribution and customer care.
Automated Build Studio 3 automates each step of the build process -- from retrieving files from a version control system, to building installation packages, running automated tests and deploying latest releases of software projects.
Dustin Snell, CEO of Unisyn Software, also comments on the partnership: "We are pleased and proud that AutoMate is the automation utility of choice for use with VISUAL.
Leveraging automated Smart Update[TM] technology and a dynamic policy format, Policy Commander fully automates targeting policies to computers based on role, desired security level, and other selectable parameters.
Altiris service-oriented management software, leveraging the Business Desktop Deployment methodology, helps businesses automate the roll out of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system.
However, as organizations embrace Data Center Automation on a large scale, the need to align processes, automate hand-offs between groups and/or functions, and integrate with other IT management tools becomes critical.
STILL currently uses Esker DeliveryWare combined with the Esker on Demand service to automate more than eight business document processes: payslips, order confirmations, supplier payment notices, customer debit notices, long-term rental invoicing, customer account statements, export delivery confirmations and assembly slips.
Cummins, Fleetwood, and FMC Automate SOX Compliance and Improve Business Processes with Movaris Software
Just as their colleagues in manufacturing, sales, and support have benefited from process and automation improvements over the last few years, finance executives are now looking for solutions to automate their own manual processes.
the expert provider of enterprise software used to integrate and automate routine IT operational processes and achieve an automated data center, today announced it will showcase its IT process automation solutions at the IT Service Management Forum USA (itSMF USA), one of the nation's fastest-growing information technology quality management associations, September 18-20, in Salt Lake City, Utah.