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make automatic or control or operate automatically

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In the latest postal rate case, proposed in March 1990 and implemented February 3, 1991, Frank and USPS put money behind their plans in the form of discounts for those mailers who make their mail automatable.
The coil winding technique is implemented in this highly automatable, low-cost standard product which is lightweight and, due to the Rogowski coil as a voltage source, is a zero power-consumption device with a stable voltage over a wide temperature range.
We've re-engineered our reagents for this new generation of NEBNext kits to accommodate as little as 500 pg of input DNA, increase yields, use fewer PCR cycles, and provide even more uniform GC coverage, all with an automatable workflow.
These methods show the following drawbacks: MPI and DPI generates high amount of hazardous waste and none of them is automatable, while the eddy current system is sensitive to lift-off variations and probes need to be positioned at a constant distance.
Here, we show that flow sorting provides a fast, automatable, and effective solution for isolation and subsequent analysis of individual CTCs compared with other techniques also described, such as micromanipulation (23).
The method should result in good recoveries of all target compounds, should require as little time and solvent consumption as possible, and should be automatable for high-throughput laboratories.
With today's software update, the SafeGuard CryptoServer LAN V4, Utimaco is offering the only 19-inch hardware security module on the market to feature comprehensive and automatable monitoring functionalities.
ProfitWatch Call Accounting accurately tracks all call data for easy guest phone usage bill back, provides telemanagement features such as trunk analysis, automatable reporting, emergency alerts, and toll fraud detection to help properties reduce costs and liability, as well as generates revenue.
Bacterial typing: storing and processing of stabilized reference bacteria for polymerase chain reaction without preparing DNA--an example of an automatable procedure.
Our focus on providing streamlined, automatable, and cost effective workflows, such as the Encore 384 Multiplex System, will continue to aid these efforts.
The advantages of this hybridization approach are that it can be used to capture as much as 100 megabases (Mb) of DNA sequence and that it is highly automatable.
The reduction in labor is achieved as the gel-based step is completely eliminated from the workflow and the entire procedure is readily automatable in a 96-well or larger format (22).
Paramount to this is reducing the amount of time IT must spend on tasks that should be easily managed, automatable activities.
Because of the size of their cloud, AURO needed their network to continue being highly distributed and as flexible and automatable as the compute virtualization, such as for services like virtual private networks (VPC) and load-balancing as a service (LBaaS) within individual tenants.
Our portfolio includes automatable assays for total complement activity (CH50), non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA), bilirubin, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.